Charlie Sheen’s ex, former porn star Bree Olson, speaks out about his HIV positive status

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Charlie Sheen went on the Today show Tuesday morning to announce his HIV positive status. Former porn star Bree Olson, who had a public live-in relationship with Sheen and another woman in 2011, has also responded this week by clarifying her own negative status. 

Olson alleges that Sheen never disclosed his status to her and insisted on unprotected sex. On the Howard Stern show Tuesday, Olson said that Sheen told her he didn’t have any sexually transmitted infections (STIs), wanted to have unprotected sex, and insisted on using lambskin condoms (which have a poor rate of protection from HIV) when using condoms at all.

Olson also took a live HIV test on Stern’s show with negative results, asserted that she is regularly tested and has been HIV negative the entire time since dating Sheen.


On Monday night, Olson posted a note to her Facebook page asking people to “leave me alone” about what were then rumors that Sheen was going to come out as HIV positive.

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The panic that Olson and other former sexual partners of Sheen—who once bragged about having sex with over 5,000 women—now face may not be necessary, though. Sheen and his doctor told Today that his HIV is undetectable and un-transmittable, which is often the case with appropriate medication and health care.

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Mary Emily O'Hara

Mary Emily O'Hara

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