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Zoomers are calling coronavirus ‘boomer remover’

It's not a laughing matter.


Brooke Sjoberg

Internet Culture

Published Mar 13, 2020

Leave it to Generation Z to come up with a brutal nickname for a global pandemic. But leave it to people angry about the tag to keep ‘boomer remover’ trending—and make the hashtag a meme.

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“Every tweet in the hashtag #BoomerRemover is someone complaining that the millennials are saying it, like, ur the ones making it trend ffs,” @marymaudlinn wrote on Twitter.

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#BoomerRemover, which trended on Twitter and TikTok on Friday, is gallows humor at its most extreme. The coronavirus causes respiratory illness COVID-19 and has caused 41 deaths in the U.S., according to the CDC, with over 1,600 reported cases. The elderly, immunocompromised, and children are at the highest risk of catching COVID-19.

Like the explosion of “OK boomer” memes, the hashtag reflects a difficult political climate and growing animosity between generations.

“Its so they can finally afford rent, since boomers made policies that benefitted themselves at the expense of others for decades,” @mo_tariq wrote. “And millennials have been blamed for all of society’s problems.”

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Boomers and millennials were shaped by different housing and stock markets, and their attitudes about the way life should be lived have also been distinctly molded, per the Wall Street Journal.
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“I can’t hate on gen z’s for the #BoomerRemover tag,” @misschazmatazz wrote. “After Trump, Boris, Brexit, ignoring climate change, facing a future that won’t be a good as their grandparents but still being called ‘lazy’ for using a smartphone I can see why this bitter resentment would develop.”

But not everyone is onboard

“I like the hashtag #BoomerRemover,” political commenter @EdTheSock tweeted. “I should clarify— I like the way online Millennials are reveling in it. Exposes they are completely full of shit w/their ‘don’t judge, don’t discriminate, be compassionate’ high-horse preaching, as if they invented the ideals. Screw you.”

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*First Published: Mar 13, 2020, 3:20 pm CDT