Black woman's driver license photo comes out completely dark


‘THEY DID YOU DIRTYYY’: Black teen’s driver’s license photo comes out completely dark

‘All you can see is my gloss and septum.’


Tricia Crimmins


A Black teen recently showed her new driver’s license photo in a viral video. In the image, she’s unrecognizable.

In a TikTok posted on Friday, Farihat (@farihatt) says that she did her makeup “real cute” for her driver’s license photo, but it came out completely dark—and many of her facial features aren’t visible.

“I’m so mad I look like an unlocked character,” Farihat wrote in her video’s caption. “All you can see is my gloss and septum.”

On Monday, Farihat’s video had almost 18 million views.


im so mad i look like an unlocked charcater all you can see is my gloss and septum

♬ original sound – Follow if you’re broken

In another TikTok, Farihat shows the makeup look she did for her license photo.

“Me doing my makeup for my license test,” Farihat wrote in the overlay text of her other TikTok. “Just for me not to show up.”

Many commenters on her viral video were as surprised as Farihat that her ID photo came out looking the way it did.

“I would forget how to drive after that,” commented.

“THEY DID YOU DIRTYYY,” @myaxililly wrote.

“Call your lawyer,” @glorialeahn commented.

Another commenter was confused about how her photo turned out the way it did. Farihat commented saying that she was told, “It’s a printer issue.”

“I hope it is,” Farihat wrote. “Cause if my actual ID come out like that imma cry.”

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