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10 gag gifts that make hilarious April Fools’ Day pranks

These are sure to cause shrieks of laughter, terror, and/or annoyance.


Christine Burkson


Posted on Mar 29, 2016   Updated on May 27, 2021, 12:47 am CDT

April Fools’ Day is sneaking up on you this weekend. Are you prepared to go to prank war with your friends?

The best pranks require a little advanced strategy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a great gag with only three days notice.

These products are sure to cause shrieks of laughter, terror, and annoyance on April Fools’ Day.

1) Evil stuffed animals

feisty pets

What looks like a cute, little kitty plush turns into the pet of Chuckie when you squeeze it the wrong way. Hug it a little too hard and its face morphs into something you wouldn’t want to wake up next to.


Price on ThinkGeek: $19.99

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2) Make America prank again

cardboard trump maga
Surprise your favorite liberal at work with a visit from Donald Trump, or a life-sized version of him in cardboard form, at least. There’s also a Bernie Sanders cutout for your right-wing friends.

Price on Amazon: $49.95

Buy it here

3) Phantom Keystroker

phantom keystroker

Want to kill someone’s productivity? When they’re not looking, pop this unsuspecting flash drive into their computer. It will randomly make mouse movements, switch the Caps Lock on and off, and type snippets of text and phrases on its own. It’s another level of evil genius. You’re more likely to get away with this if they use a desktop and can’t see the USB drive, or just really don’t pay attention.

Price on ThinkGeek: $9.99

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4) Sonic Meeting Disruptor

If you value your reputation as the most obnoxious person at the office, this is the gag for you. Hide this tiny device in a room and set the alarm anywhere from 1 minute to an hour, then walk away and wait for the piercing siren to wail through a meeting. The sound won’t stop annoying your coworkers until someone enters the secret code into the device.

Price on ThinkGeek: $19.99

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5) Cracked screen decals

cracked screen decal
Wait until the unsuspecting leave their phone for a minute, then quickly apply this static cling decal and watch their face drop when they return. It comes in a pack of four various size for different devices, so you can have a very productive April Fools’ Day.

Price on Amazon: $7.99

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6) Annoy-a-tron Prankster Pack

This is for the friend who gets inexplicably mad by random, subtle sounds. Where is that coming from? Does anyone else hear that? Of course you do, but you won’t tell them it’s coming from a small, coin-sized device hiding under their desk. This obnoxious package comes with three separate devices, featuring six different sounds to choose from.

Price on ThinkGeek: $14.99

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7) Talking toilet paper holder

 Nothing is more unsettling than thinking someone’s in your own bathroom with you, which is why hiding a recorded message in the toilet paper holder is a great way to start April Fools’ Day. The device is motion-activated so as soon as someone grabs some TP, your message plays. It’s also re-recordable, so the possibilities are endless.

Price on Amazon: $14.99

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8) Voice changer

If you prefer the classic prank phone call, this tiny device will make April Fools’ Day a blast. You can control the pitch and vibrato to sound like anything from a robotic telemarketer looking for love or Darth Vader just calling to say hello.

Price on Amazon: $11.73

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9) Candle that changes to a fart scent

 This candle has a silent-but-deadly surprise that smells like delicious apple pie for the first 12 hours of burn time, then abruptly changes to a gross fart scent for the remaining 18 hours. The minimalist packaging of the candle container is super subtle, so no one will suspect that you’re up to something. You just might have to wait a while for them to figure it out.

Price on Amazon: $12.90

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10) Unicorn meat

No unicorns were actually harmed in this product, unless you include the dismembered stuffed animal unicorn that comes in the can. Remove the stuffed animal and invite someone over for dinner. Be vague about the dish. Have some chicken or salsa, or something else that might look like unicorn meat ready to go in the can. Then watch in horror as you serve them the mythical dish. You could also just leave an open can of unicorn meat on the counter, for them to spot after they’ve already eaten.

Price on ThinkGeek: $9.99

Buy it here


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*First Published: Mar 29, 2016, 11:01 am CDT