Did Ann Coulter just tweet a white supremacist slogan?

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Ann Coulter nazi

Screengrab via Ann Coulter/Twitter


On the surface, it seems pretty innocuous that Ann Coulter tweeted “14!” Confusing, sure, but not harmful. And yet others are saying it may be a white supremacist dog whistle, because that’s the political climate we live in now.

Coulter tweeted the number this morning, and many were quick to point out it could be a reference to the “Fourteen Words,” a white supremacist slogan. According to the ADL, the slogan—”We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”—was coined by David Lane, a member of the Order, a white supremacist terrorist group. 

“Because of its widespread popularity, white supremacists reference this slogan constantly, in its full form as well as in abbreviated versions such as ‘14 Words’, ‘Fourteen Words,’ or simply the number ‘14,’” ADL writes.

Others speculate that Coulter could be counting down to Donald Trump’s inauguration and just did her math wrong (it’s 15 days, not 14). 

However, if it is indeed a reference to the slogan, Coulter would possibly be echoing the views of President-elect Trump’s administration. White nationalists have praised Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as chief strategist, who has espoused many anti-semitic and white supremacist views in the past. Coulter has not responded to tweets asking for clarification, but we will update if she confirms or denies being a white supremacist.

Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena

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