Ann Coulter just pissed off a new segment of Americans: Beyoncé fans

Ann Coulter

When will people learn not to kick the Beyhive?

Ann Coulter has tweeted quite a few things that have enraged people, but her latest tweet may be the one that puts people over the edge. 

Last night, Coulter tweeted about Michelle Obama citing Beyoncé as a role model, then “quoted” some Yoncé lyrics that she deemed inappropriate. 

Now, look. If Queen Bey had said those words, I could see why Ann’s hair would be blown back. Here is the problem, though. That is a Beyoncé song. It’s called “Flawless (Remix).” The “Remix” part comes from some additional lyrics by one Nicki Minaj.

It’s what Minaj raps that Ms. Coulter finds so offensive. And yet she ignores the rhyme that explicitly namedrops Trump Tower and Ivanka Trump. Sounds like someone’s not really listening and instead just kicked the Beyhive for no good reason.

Do not come for Beyoncé, Ann. You are going to get stung. 🐝

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