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Anita Hill has been chosen to lead a new commission that will work to combat sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry.

The Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace was formed Friday as a result of the recent #MeToo movement where sexual assault and harassment victims have come forward to call out powerful people.

Film producer Kathleen Kennedy, one of the members who helped initiative the commission, told the Washington Post it “will not seek just one solution, but a comprehensive strategy to address the complex and interrelated causes of the problems of parity and power.”

Last week on a panel, Hill spoke of her 1991 sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, saying, “In today’s atmosphere, there would be more people who would understand my story, who would believe my story, and I think the numbers have changed over the years in terms of people who believe me and support me.”

Nearly three decades ago, many did not believe Hill’s allegations against a powerful man, and now she is working to help other voices be heard and to prevent sexual misconduct from occurring. Last week, former Vice President Joe Biden apologized to Hill for not doing more to help her in 1991.

Joe Biden admits he failed Anita Hill in Clarence Thomas hearings
30 years ago no one believed her sexual harassment claims. Joe Biden says he owes her an apology.
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