Amazon worker with hand on head caption 'Update on my bestie & I working at Amazon and why we qu8it on our second day!!' (l) Amazon sign on building with blue sky (c) Amazon worker scanning package caption 'They have so many strict rules and they fire you without hesitati9on no matter what's going on in your life I really feel bad for ordering packages because them people don't get paid enough for that hard labor' (r)

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‘It was really giving slave’: Former Amazon worker returns to work—but quits after 2 days

‘They don’t care what your reason for being late is, even if you got in a f**king car accident.’


Lauren Castro


In a viral video, TikToker Charay (@iits.raayy) shared the working conditions she experienced at an Amazon warehouse—and what led her to quit after two days of work.

“Update on my bestie and I working at Amazon and why we quit on our second day!!!” the overlay text at the beginning of the video reads.

@iits.raayy #greenscreenvideo im not the one to stop ppl from doing things but try at your own risk!!!! #amazon #woeking #slave #neveragain #terriblejob #amazonsucks #freethemppl ♬ Tired – Kelly Price

Charay explained that this was not her and her friend’s first time working at Amazon, but she claims there were several differences this time around that made it too much to bear. In the background, she used Kelly Price’s song “Tired.”

“It was just too much,” she says in a voice-over. “It was really giving slave. It was giving ancestry, master shit. It was just really weird.”

Besides the backbreaking physical labor, Charay shares the strict rules she was subjected to, including tracking how long she spent in the bathroom or docking her pay for the hour if she was even a minute late.

“I really feel bad for ordering packages because them people don’t get paid enough for that hard labor,” she wrote in a text overlay. 

Her job was to scan the packages, which could weigh up to 60 pounds, and place them in boxes to be put in trucks for delivery drivers the next morning.

“It’s a warehouse so I don’t expect much but they offer full-time with benefits and don’t act accordingly to it… that’s weird,” she added.

In the comments section, several viewers shared similar experiences to Charay.

“I literally got into a car accident and they took my time away and put me in the negative I was shaking and still had to work,” one user said.

“Yup that’s how they been over here… they fire u for small stuff if u take too long in restrooms or if u not on [their] time!” another commented.

“Back then people protest against stuff like this nowadays everyone just cool with the bare minimum it’s sad,” a third user said.

In an updated comment, Charay claimed that Amazon failed to follow through with the sign-on bonus.

“And don’t get me started on the sign on bonus!!!!!! PPL THATS BEEN WORKING THERE FOR YEARS SAID THEY NEVER RECEIVED IT,” she said.

Charay concluded that although she doesn’t like to discourage others from doing things, she just wanted to warn others about the downsides of working for Amazon.

The Daily Dot reached out to Charay via TikTok comment and Amazon via email.

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