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Alinity Divine tweets screenshots to expose Twitch streamer’s sexual harassment

Trainwreckstv says he’s hired a lawyer to defend himself.


Josh Katzowitz


A day after popular Twitch streamer Alinity Divine said another streamer had threatened to rape her, she posted supposed screenshots on Twitter to back up her claim.

Divine said on a livestream on Sunday that streamer Trainwreckstv had threatened her during an online chat many years ago, and she told the Daily Dot on Monday that he has also harassed in person.

“Shortly after I had blocked him on twitter and banned him from my stream (I had enough of the sexual harassment) he made some threat against me that I had better ‘watch out’ at [the] next event and that I should ‘bring extra panties,’” she wrote in an email.

In her stream this weekend, she said, “I mean, I think if a person tells you that they’re going to rape you, that’s something that’s not cool. I don’t think I would ever want to be alone with that guy. I’m terrified of him, honestly. He’s tried to hit me—he’s just been very aggressive toward me.”

Later on Monday, she tweeted the following in which she explained that she had been harassed in private messages and not on her Twitch chat.

Trainwreckstv, whose real name is Tyler Niknam and who did not respond to a Daily Dot request for comment, wrote on Reddit that her accusations were completely false.

“I’m devastated that someone would make these baseless claims,” he wrote. “I’m not sure if she’s just being mean spirited or said that to stir up drama for views, but talking about it on stream or making videos about it will only bring the lies to more people’s attention … It’s sickening to me that someone can slander me with a smirk on their face like it’s no big deal. These types of allegation have ruined innocent people’s lives before, and should not be taken lightly or as a joke. I hope she is punished accordingly so people will think twice before trying to ruin somebody’s reputation for their own entertainment.”

On Monday, Niknam said on a stream that he had retained an attorney.

“I am seeking legal action,” he said. “My attorney … is confident that things will go my way.”

In her email to the Daily Dot, Alinity said she’s spent the past few years trying to avoid Niknam at events, as he has been “aggressively demanding to know why I rejected him, being physically imposing over me as if I owe him some chance with me. It’s just constant.”

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