For the love of god, someone adopt this dog in Detroit

Perhaps you woke up this morning and thought to yourself that, it finally being Friday, it would be a day of positive news. The last of the presidential debates is over, Donald Trump has not said anything horribly incriminating or offensive in at least 12 hours, and hey, Twitter was down for a good chunk of the morning so even if there was bad news, you didn’t have to see it! Friday was really shaping up, huh?

Well, too bad. Here’s the story of Boo, a dog who appears to have been left behind with the trash when his owners moved, and spent days sleeping on a mattress.

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According to Facebook user Liz Marie, the little angel was left in a pile of trash, and “stayed right by their stuff and never left it, confused and lonely.” Marie said if you’re interested, you can contact the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue.

When asked about the lil guy, Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue founder Dustin Oliver told the Daily Dot that he first found out about Boo from a Facebook post. A neighbor had reportedly contacted a number of local animal services, none of which would take Boo. After a few days of visiting Boo and building trust, Oliver took him to a vet, who unfortunately found that Boo has heartworm. Oliver says Boo has “started treatment and in boarding until we find a proper fit for his foster care.”

The organization doesn’t have a physical shelter, but rather works through foster care. Since its founding in 2014, Oliver says they’ve rescued “60-75” animals.

While Boo’s story has over 800 shares, and Oliver says they’ve received numerous inquiries, Boo hasn’t found a home yet. Do you live near Detroit? Do you want a dog? Please, go get this one.

Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena

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