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The extraordinary beauty of life, 1 second at a time

Michał Mikołaj Wojtunik spent 10 months documenting his travels in short shots. The result will stop you in your tracks. 


Austin Powell


There are profound moments hidden in our ordinary, everyday lives.

Maybe it’s just a quick glance or smile, the way the sun glistens through autumn leaves, or an upclose look at the movement of a caterpillar. But they’re there in plain sight, if you slow down long enough to take it in.

Michał Mikołaj Wojtunik spent 10 months documenting his travels—from London and Kraków to Chanthaburi and Gauhati—in one-second shots. The resulting montage, set to Drake’s remix of Lykke Li’s “Little Bit,” captures the random beauty of life: the insects and interactions, the architecture and antiquities.    

It’s enough to stop you in your tracks.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via Michał Mikołaj Wojtunik/YouTube

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