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Women of color face greater exposure to chemicals in beauty products than white women
White beauty standards are physically ailing women of color.
Samantha Bee wants to fight white supremacy—but not by punching Nazis
'Punching Nazis doesn't help. But you can put that energy somewhere that does.'
‘Art of the Deal’ co-author thinks Trump will resign before the end of 2017
Tony Schwartz thinks President Trump may be out before the end of the year.
Despite all of Trump’s complaints, Robert E. Lee allegedly didn’t even want Confederate statues erected
Lee was the general whose statue was at the center of the violence in Charlottesville.
New Economist cover brutally illustrates Trump’s Charlottesville response
The article doesn't pull any punches against President Trump.
Malala Yousafzai chooses to go to Oxford University—and Twitter is ecstatic
J.K. Rowling sent her regards to Yousafzai on Twitter, too.
Ivanka Trump’s rabbi is ‘deeply troubled’ by the president’s Charlottesville response
Even though he 'avoids politics,' he felt he had to make a statement.
The best dating apps for every type of relationship
There's an app out there for everyone
There are over 700 Confederate monuments left to remove in the U.S.
Looking for Confederate monuments to rally against? Here's where to start.
Assistant principal loses job over his kids’ book starring Pepe the Frog
Pepe and Pede are 2 friends trying to drain a swamp.
Solange slams white supremacists before deleting Twitter
'F**k your stale a** bland a** monuments.'
Police dashcam footage shows officer searching woman’s vagina for 11 minutes
She had been pulled over for running a stop sign.
Heather Heyer’s mother receives standing ovation for moving speech at daughter’s memorial service
She said the Charlottesville victim's voice has only been "magnified" after her death.
Daily Mail, Bored Panda condemned by trans activists for posting transition photos for clicks
The publications posted 'before and after' photos without trans people's permission.
Trump lawyer’s ‘I have black friends’ collage is getting hilariously roasted
This isn't the best way to prove you aren't racists.
Republican ‘Fox & Friends’ guest: Trump ‘failed us’
'President Trump, our president, has literally betrayed the conscience of our country.'