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James Charles receives backlash over ‘racist’ imitation of Latinx TikTok character, Rosa
'I hope you know making fun of a Latinx accent like this is racist.'
Video shows people harassing elderly Asian man while he collects cans
The man can be seen crying as they heckle him. One person even hits him with a stick.
Body camera shows officer boasting about arresting a 6-year-old
The officer was fired after arresting two minors in one day.
Bebe Rexha says she won’t be ‘imprisoned’ by bipolar disorder
She spoke candidly about her mental health in a recent interview.
VR porn game Captain Hardcore is now on Oculus Quest—sort of
It's an early build, but it's promising so far.
This dad threw a 1-year HRT party for his trans son and the internet can’t get enough of it
'God I could only DREAM of this level of love and support from my family,' one observer wrote.
This petition wants Pornhub to be shut down for good
The petition links to a story about a missing 15-year-old girl who was found on the porn site.
YouTube permanently bans ‘news’ channel that said impeachment was ‘Jew coup’
The website published articles about God’s 'desire' for Jewish people to 'return to him.'
What exactly is ‘too adult’ for Disney+?
Disney+ just rejected a teen sitcom with a gay lead but includes a ton of violent blockbusters. What gives?
Michael Jordan cries at Kobe Bryant memorial, jokes about creating a new meme
Jordan made some room for laughter in a room full of tears.
Greyhound buses will no longer allow Border Patrol checks
Viral videos have shown riders removed by agents.
Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape and sexual assault
Weinsten faces up to 25 years, and is also facing charges in Los Angeles.
The Phillie Phanatic mascot unveils a slimmer makeover
Fans were assured that while he has evolved, he has definitely not matured.
Video shows flat-Earther ‘daredevil’ crashing to death after homemade rocket fails
His rep says the flat Earth conspiracy was a publicity stunt.
Cardi B defends Dwyane Wade’s daughter during Instagram Live
She offered some understanding words.
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