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Fans grieve Kyoto Animation Studio fire with #PrayforKyoAni
Some are sharing their favorite anime produced by the studio.
Instagram struggles to remove photos of Bianca Devins’ dead body
Private accounts are luring followers with the promise of 'the photo.'
Inside Britt McHenry’s war on women
She's asking women to believe her after years of doubting them.
Florida city is pushing homeless people out by playing ‘Baby Shark’ on a loop 
The city hopes the children's song is annoying enough to do the trick.
Beto can’t leverage his slave owner ancestry to gain Black voters’ trust
If he really cares, he should drop out of the presidential race.
Graphic video shows father beating young daughter for being sexually active
The video had more than 2 million views before it was removed.
Black conservative activist made #IceBae a thing (updated)
As the Border Patrol reveals controversial #ICEBae's true identity and says she's free to post more selfies, it turns out her viral fame was a targeted troll.
Judge says Daily Stormer founder must pay $14 million for harassing Jewish realtor
He must also delete all the posts about her from the site.
Graphic depiction of suicide cut from Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’
'We believe this edit will help the show do the most good...'
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