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Student assaulted on campus while tabling for right-wing group
He was handing out flyers that made fun of Jussie Smollett.
This elementary school made students play ‘runaway slave’
Parents are outraged over the incident.
Feds say college student operated drug business through gaming app
The student allegedly advertised the app on posters across campus.
Facebook let advertisers target users interested in infamous Nazis
Company admits topics 'should have been caught and removed sooner.'
Florida prisons sued for depriving inmates of music they paid for
This inmate is taking it upon himself to restore access to music behind bars.
The Twitter accounts taking on journalism’s straight, white, cis male problem
The industry needs diversity now more than ever.
These people are organizing Fyre Fest live-action role-play parties
They're set for the two-year anniversary of the catastrophic event.
White woman berates Mexican restaurant manager for speaking Spanish
She also called him a rapist, parroting Trump's language.
Stop exploiting the Jussie Smollett case to discredit LGBTQ hate crime victims
Hate crimes are still on the rise and often go unreported.
The truth behind the anti-LGBTQ emoji controversy
It’s literally just combining two characters into one.
Christian woman refuses to do taxes for lesbian married couple
This is what happens when discrimination is made legal.
Woman starts a whites-only yoga club to prove the wrong point about racism (updated)
She says she's being excluded from Meetups because of her race.
Venmo is flagging payments that mention ‘Persian’
Venmo says some words 'trigger' regulatory alarms.
Black man films ‘Crosswalk Cathy’ yelling racist slurs at him
She repeatedly called him the N-word and claimed she shot Tupac.
I worked with the migrant caravan—and Trump is the cause of his national emergency
This is a humanitarian crisis of Trump's own making.
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