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PayPal, GoFundMe cut off armed militia that detains migrants at border
The group has more than 3,000 members on Facebook.
Swipe This! My ex-BFF keeps sliding into my DMs, but I don’t want to be friends
Is it better you show up for someone you don't like—or for yourself? ad tries to sell slavery as romance—not rape
The site has pulled the ad, but not before insulting all Black Americans.
Why are Facebook and Google translating this Spanish word into a racial slur?
It's a simple fix that never needed to happen in the first place.
Joe Rogan’s podcast has a serious women problem
His fans don't seem to care.
George Zimmerman is looking for ‘carefree fun’ on Tinder (updated)
His profile features dog pics, tattoos, and a fake name.
‘Little Teeth’ is a tribute to 20-something queer growing pains
Four years later, the webcomic classic is now a book.
Are teens really eating foods with the ‘shells on’ for a new viral challenge?
Following reports of a new viral challenge, we set out to prove if it exists.
Lisa Ann says Equinox trainer looked up her number and sent her a creepy text
'This is about the 10th time in the past three or four years with Equinox.'
Trans military ban causes student to lose ROTC scholarship
He may not be able to afford his college education.
‘What about Flint, Puerto Rico, Black churches,’ people ask after Trump pledges aid to France
There are few things in our own country that still need addressing.
Woman stabbed by date she met on PlentyOfFish
She is recovering in the hospital while the suspect is still at large.
Cyberpunk hookups and lesbian sex: The best trans porn for queer trans women
From pet play to sapphic dates, there's something for every trans girl.
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