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Amtrak employee asked a NAACP lawyer to move from her train seat
She was asked to move without justification over the MLK weekend.
Antique store blasted for selling ‘white only’ signs
The store is selling a variety of racist signs.
Kanye faces backlash for headlining Christian event with anti-LGBTQ leaders
'Kanye is living proof that being talented doesn't stop you from being an imbecile too.'
Actress slammed for ‘acid attack-face’ TikTok challenge
'This is disgusting! Acid attack is not a makeup look.'
Kidnapped teen used Snapchat to get rescued
Three men have been charged in the kidnapping.
Aaron Carter accused of stealing lion art for merch
Carter called the artist a 'd*ck' and said he should have 'taken it as a compliment.'
Man flamed after admitting he called police on Target employee over a toothbrush
People are tweeting in solidarity with #TargetTori.
Camila Cabello must do more about her racist history
Her apology was hollow. But she has a chance to make it right.
Instagram and Facebook are reportedly blocking queer ads
'There are biases and assumptions built into the algorithms that are designed to silence us.'
TSA apologizes after agent grabs indigenous woman’s braids, says ‘giddyup’
'My hair is part of my spirit. I am a Native woman. I am angry, humiliated.'
Blue Bell ice cream licker pleads guilty
D’Adrien Anderson has requested probation instead of a year in jail.
Governor bans sex puns on free condom wrappers
The ''offensive packaging' didn't get proper approval.
Pornhub sued by deaf man who wants closed captioning in videos
The plaintiff says hearing-impaired users miss out on important dialogue.
70,000 Tinder photos of women are being circulated in cybercrime forum
It remains unclear what the photos will be used for.
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