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Google AI researcher accused of sexual harassment in disturbing blog post
He allegedly pressured women into having sex with him.
Can you be body positive if you hate your own body?
How to move past believing all bodies are equal—except yours.
Here are all the bad men of the #MeToo era
The floodgates have opened.
Anita Hill to lead sexual harassment commission for Hollywood
It will work to change the current Hollywood climate.
This selfie with Miss Iraq, Miss Israel sparks international incident
The two posed together to promote peace. Instead, it caused an uproar.
The 5 best sites to watch ethical, fair trade porn
There's nothing sexy about the exploitation of the people helping you get off.
ESPN employees describe hostile, sexist work environment
One woman said she did her broadcast while having a miscarriage.
Federal judge blocks Trump’s birth control mandate rollback
The judge wrote that the rule could cause 'enormous and irreversible' harm.
1 in 4 California teens show signs of gender nonconforming
More than one in four California youth don't identify with society's gender norms.
New Mexico shooter had history of trolling on far-right forums
William Edward Atchison was an alt-right, white supremacist, pro-Trump online troll.
Report: 700 taxpayer-funded private schools boast anti-LGBTQ policies
Investigation finds 14 percent of private religious schools discriminate against LGBTQ students.
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