Hulu is a subscription-based TV and movie streaming platform. Launched in the U.S. in 2008, it offers next-day viewing for many TV shows and is available in both Hulu and Hulu Plus formats. The platform started debuting original programming in 2012.

The ultimate guide to cloud DVR
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Here’s what’s coming and going on Hulu in June 2019
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‘Into the Dark: All That We Destroy’ puts a mother’s love to the test
The film asks how far would you go to 'fix' your deeply troubled child.
Netflix movies are still eligible for Oscars, Academy rules
Steven Spielberg will not be pleased.
‘Ask Dr. Ruth’ takes a crowd-pleasing look at her life and groundbreaking career
Dr. Ruth gets frank about her own life in Hulu's new documentary.
‘Ramy’ explores the intersection of Muslim and millennial identities
The Hulu series treads a path forged by similar prestige TV comedies.
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