There’s now rehab for Fortnite addiction
Step away from the 'Fortnite.'
GOG employee fired over transphobic tweet now works with a right-wing gaming site (updated)
He denies any connection to Gamergate, but his actions raise questions.
Fans are less than enthused for Ninja’s new gaming mouse
After all that hype, the mouse looks like a Croc.
The future of VR gaming is in arenas
Inside MassVR's laser tag-like warehouse bonanza.
Esports star cosplays as Bowsette—and fans can’t get enough
The Cloud9 player breaks the internet.
Review: Darksiders III feels brutally ancient
The latest chapter in the Darksiders saga carries the weight of its predecessors.
‘Grand Theft Auto’ player says he heard another gamer rape a teen over headset
The suspect was out on bail after another alleged rape.
Hacker breaches Drake’s Fortnite account, shouts racial slurs at Ninja
The supposed hacker also claims he accessed PlayStation accounts for Travis Scott and FaZe clan members.
The past and future of Pokémon come together in Let’s Go!
The first Pokémon RPG to hit Nintendo's latest console might not be everything that fans want, but it still delights.
Rapper 2 Milly accuses Fortnite of stealing his dance move
The rapper isn't the only artist Fortnite has taken 'inspiration' from.
Nintendo Russia CEO berates staff with slurs during livestream
'I, really, won't be a part of the next event.'
Man faces 20 years in prison for deadly swatting prank
The Call of Duty incident resulted in the tragic death of a stranger.
Twitter can’t stop laughing at this Hitman 2 briefcase bug
Fans are comparing it to the Blue Shell in 'Mario Kart.'
Review: Battlefield V is a gorgeous game with nothing to say
The latest entry in this first-person shooter franchise returns to World War II to tread old ground.
Hitman 2 keeps the brilliant murdering streak alive, for better or worse
It's more like 'season 2' in all but name, but we aren't complaining.
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