VR porn game Captain Hardcore is now on Oculus Quest—sort of (updated)
It's an early build, but it's promising so far.
FIFA pro banned from all EA games following threatening rant
'We will not tolerate threatening behavior.'
Review: This is just the beginning for ‘Dreams’
This long-gestating release from the team behind LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway is more of a creative platform than it is a proper game.
Cooking Mama’s return whips up a fresh batch of memes
A trailer for Cooking Mama: Cookstar leaked Tuesday.
Coronavirus has pandemic-themed video games topping charts
The game's developers have issued a statement asking players not to take the game too seriously.
There’s a Baby Yoda mod for ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’
This is basically the ultimate 'Star Wars' game mod.
Run a brothel filled with furries in upcoming porn game (updated)
Create your own succubus or cat girl.
Streamer pleads with horny fans to stop sending her harassing ‘tributes’
Things escalated after her post went viral on Reddit.
From BDSM to giantesses, the best Oculus Quest porn games
Submit to a dominatrix or create the maid of your dreams.
Emotional video shows mother interacting with her deceased daughter through VR
The interaction included a birthday party in the park.
What is the Oculus Quest? Your guide to Facebook’s VR headset
It may just be virtual reality's future.
Halo pro faked his suicide—and gamers are in shock
EasternMedia says he's seeking professional help.
Review: Kentucky Route Zero is one of the most magical games ever made
With its final episode, the haunting and somber indie adventure finally finds its way home.
The best upcoming video games to look out for in February 2020
January was a huge month for games, but fear not: February has its own exciting slate.
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