Parent fears Apex Legends will make their kid transgender
Fun fact: if you're a girl in a video game, then you're a girl for real.
How to watch the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major
The CS:GO champions are ready to throw down.
When will gaming take its queer players seriously?
There's no room for homophobic slurs in gaming, despite what men like Deadmau5 excuse.
How to improve your FPS in Apex Legends
Curse you, V-sync.
Nintendo Switch subreddit bans giveaways after users get too generous
One-ups-manship and trolls ruined a good thing.
How to keep Apex Legends from crashing
Technical problems keeping your kill count down? We can help.
Is the Epic Games Store worth downloading?
Steam's biggest competition has arrived.
YouTuber Sketchek makes shocking return after faking his death
'I hope can you still enjoy my content regardless.'
How to get Apex Coins, Tokens, and Crafting Materials in Apex Legends
Here's how to get all the cosmetics your battle royale-loving heart can handle.
Will an earthquake shake up Fortnite season 8?
Fortnite season 8 is already rumbling.
How to win in Apex Legends
You probably won't find these tips anywhere else.
How to get the Fortnite Prisoner skins
The mysterious Prisoner is shackled no more—and he feels like going camping.
How to watch the Marshmello Fortnite concert
The masked DJ is coming to the battle royale phenomenon.
Viral videos break down every Super Smash Bros. characters’ politics
Bowser is a fascist, Yoshi is a Marxist, and Wario is a libertarian.
Wargroove is one of the best indie games on Nintendo Switch
Fans of turn-based strategy games can't miss this exciting new indie from the developer behind Stardew Valley.
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