Mothergunship is irresistible, fresh, and fun as hell
The latest roguelike FPS from Terrible Posture Games feels destined to be a cult classic.
The best Amazon Prime Day deals for gamers
Amazon is going big for gaming this year.
Game developers are fearful after Guild Wars 2 writers’ firing
The industry is not happy with ArenaNet's decision to fire a writer who faced harassment.
‘Guild Wars 2’ fires employees for calling out a mansplainer on Twitter
ArenaNet sided with an internet mob who objected to a handful of feminist tweets.
Fortnite’s once-in-a-lifetime rocket launch awes players, leaves giant crack in the sky
The blink-and-you'll-miss-it event has left a giant crack in the sky.
Game of Thrones: Conquest players expose alleged botting ring that’s scamming users
Attempts by players to make WB Games address the issue have gone largely unanswered.
Transgender game developer who’d been bullied online dies by suicide
She had reportedly been the target of an online community known for harassment.
What is gaming disorder, and who’s the most at risk?
The World Health Organization now formally recognizes gaming addiction as a mental health condition.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feels destined to be the best game in the series
We've played Nintendo's upcoming brawler, including the two brand new characters and returning favorites.
Jurassic World Evolution, like the park, is ruined by human hubris
Jurassic World Evolution certainly embraces the liveliness of its prehistoric creatures, but it never really captures the childlike spirit of Jurassic Park.
Playing Spider-Man on PS4 will make you feel like a superhero
After going hands-on with Sony's upcoming action title, we couldn't be more excited.
What is a good internet speed, really?
Put an end to buffering, lag, and slow load times.
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