Pro-Hong Kong memes have crashed the Dota 2 International party
'Dota 2' International Twitch chats have been filled with anti-Chinese sentiment as pro-Hong Kong streamers protest the upcoming Shanghai event.
Here are all the video games to look out for in September 2019
Summer may be fading, but these new titles will keep September hot.
From droids to monster girls, here are the best porn games for trans people
Have sex as a robot trans woman or invite a monster man over for dinner.
10 Twitch streamers you should follow in 2019
With so many popular Twitch streamers, here are 10 worth your time.
‘Free Palestine’ username lands Final Fantasy XIV player in a digital jail cell
The player couldn't leave the jail until a new, 'not offensive' name was chosen.
Walmart pulls violent video game ads in response to shootings
Employees want an end to gun sales, but those in charge aren’t listening.
From furries to witches, here are the best porn games on
Collect maple leaves for a lewd reward and visit a 'Harry Potter' porn parody in these adult games.
Fans urging a Borderlands 3 boycott after YouTuber says its publishers harassed him 
The YouTuber says the game's publisher sent private investigators to his home.
E3 accidentally doxed over 2,000 journalists, YouTubers (updated)
Trolls are now spreading the leaked, personal details online.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare faces backlash for its inclusion of white phosphorus
'If you kill enough, you get the joy of committing a war crime.'
Gaming’s fickle relationship with porn is holding back adult content
LewdGamer, porn, and the problems that go uncovered.
Ninja is leaving Twitch for Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform
Ninja assured fans that his 'streams are going to be the exact same.'
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds Hero to the fight
Everything you need to know about the new playable character the best fighting game on Nintendo Switch.
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