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Posted on Feb 16, 2018   Updated on May 22, 2021, 12:37 am CDT

It’s easier than ever for baddies to hack into computer systems. Pay what you want for the white hat hacker class and become one of those good guys.

White hat hackers are the ethical types that spot bugs and vulnerabilities in systems before the bad guys do. They’re also used in various government organizations for criminal investigation purposes. And most of all, they’re a highly sought after position in 2018, which is why you should take advantage of this course bundle now.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1) Beginner’s concepts and tools for ethical hacking

This course is an ideal starting point, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking, the best tools around, basic hacking techniques, and dive into real-life scenarios to get a hang of how hackers think.

2) The ins and outs of network security

Through 12.5 hours of content, you’ll learn network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning to discover security risks across networks. You’ll discuss firewalls, wireless security measures, search engine privacy and tools like Wireshark, Tcpdump, & Syslog.

3) Website and web application penetration testing

In two different courses, you’ll learn to discover, exploit, and fix a number of vulnerabilities in websites and applications, like file upload, code execution, SQL injection, XSS, XXE attacks, and more.

4) How to use Kali Linux for ethical hacking

Across 18 lectures, you’ll simulate a full penetration test from beginning to end, which will give you hands-on experience. By the end, you’ll know Kali Linux like the back of your hand. This helps you understand how to perform & defend against a variety of attacks.

5) In-depth WiFi hacking and security

After completing all seven hours of this course, you’ll be confident in all kinds of WiFi encryption methods, even if you start as a complete beginner. You’ll learn how to overrun buffer memory, perform password attacks, attack WiFi networks, and how to exercise your defenses by simulating real-world attacks.

6) Theoretical and practical aspects of ethical hacking

This training will show you day-to-day situations in which hacking can occur, helping you to understand how hackers think and how to better protect yourself and those around you.

7) How black hat hackers hack Windows 10

In this nine hour course, you’ll learn the techniques black hat hackers use to hack into Windows, how to analyze and secure Windows, and how to detect a hacker’s identity. You’ll learn to encode and combine the payload, gain full access over a target OS, and how to interact with it using Meterpreter command line.

Launch your ethical hacking career today! Pay what you want to get the white hat hacker class, available on the Daily Dot store.

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*First Published: Feb 16, 2018, 12:02 pm CST