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Double tap into the lucrative market of Instagram advertising with help from this online bundle

I said, “Money, honey!”


Marisa Losciale

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When it comes to running a social media account for a business, knowing how to organize a successful Instagram promotion might just be enough to get you a pay raise.

In recent years, social media marketing has proven to be one of the most lucrative forms of advertising. Aside from the technical stuff, running an Instagram promotion is pretty simple. But you can’t just upload a photo or video, tag it, and hope it performs. There’s a science behind Instagram marketing, and if you nail the formula, you’re guaranteed to yield some pretty great results.

Which is where this online bundle comes in hand. Through the completion of five courses, you’ll learn what Instagram marketing strategies work and what ones don’t. You’ll also learn what affiliate marketing is and how you can build an e-mail list from your Instagram insights.

The bundle of online courses has a value of nearly $800, but is available through the Daily Dot Store for just $29! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading for the complete course descriptions or head on over to the store.

1) The Complete Instagram Marketing Master Class 2018

One billion people visit Instagram each month, and, according to Locowise, 80% of the platform’s users follow a business profile. Needless to say, if your brand isn’t already on Instagram, you’re missing out on a major marketing opportunity. From optimizing your page to identifying your competitors, this course walks you through the steps you should take to build a successful presence on this platform and connect with its vast user base.

2) Instagram Marketing 101: How To Use Instagram For Business

While it’s safe to say most of us use Instagram, not all of us have experience building a business on this platform. Designed with the beginner in mind, this course is your introduction to Instagram marketing. You’ll start by setting up your account as you walk through writing a compelling bio. You’ll follow that up by choosing the perfect display image and deciding which link to include on your profile. Then, you’ll tackle content strategy and explore growth hacks and advertising.

3) Instagram Marketing: Building An Email List

With a billion active users each month, Instagram is a wellspring for potential traffic—and leads—that can turn into valuable revenue for your business. Jump into this course, and you’ll discover how to create a targeted and profitable email list using traffic from Instagram.

4) Affiliate Marketing For Instagram

Affiliate marketing is pretty straightforward: partner with a brand to promote its product, and get a commission time each time you make a sale. With a billion active users each month, Instagram can be a lucrative platform for affiliate marketing—provided you know how to use it. This course is packed with simple strategies you can use to send traffic to your affiliate links on Instagram. You’ll learn about the anatomy of a high-converting profile and how to set up your own. Then, you’ll tackle finding the best affiliate offers, getting your link, and bombarding it with targeted traffic.

5) 10 Instagram Marketing Strategies

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or professional managing a brand, there’s much value in a strong Instagram presence. A collection of 10 top strategies for growth, this course provides you with live, on-screen demonstrations that walk you through the techniques for optimizing your profile, content, and reach. You’ll take on the essentials, like building your account and properly using hashtags. Then, you’ll move on to using shoutouts, hosting competitions, and other strategies that can have a dramatic impact on your following.

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