how to read faster

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Cut your reading time by 20% with brain training from BeeLine Reader

Learn to read in a whole new way.


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Learning how to read faster doesn’t require much – all you need is some time, dedication, and a subscription to BeeLine Reader.

Here’s how it works: the speed reading tool applies an eye-guiding color gradient to your text, with the color at the end of one line matching perfectly with the beginning of the next. This helps your eyes quickly follow each line and snap to the next again and again. And unlike other speed reading tools, BeeLine has been shown in independent testing to increase both reading speed and comprehension.

how to read faster

BeeLine Reader has proven to be so successful that it’s been adopted by the California Public Library System. It’s even won numerous awards from prestigious institutions like Stanford, Dell, and The Tech Museum of Innovation. And right now, our readers can unlock a lifetime of access for just $29.99.

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