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20 holiday gifts to impress your foodie friends

The coolest (and tastiest) gift ideas for the gourmet in your life.


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Posted on Nov 3, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 12:20 pm CDT

Picky eaters often make even pickier gift recipients. The following foodie gifts promise to not leave the gourmet in your life hungry this holiday season.

Whether it’s an awesome cooking tool, an entertaining staple or actual tasty treats, nabbing one or a few of these gifts will earn you some serious brownie points (pun intended).

1) Enamel cast iron pot

Lodge enamel cast iron pots are perfect for stewing, braising and even frying. Form and function combine to make a stellar looking pot you wouldn’t mind also using as a serving bowl. Plus, they’re way cheaper than pricey Le Creuset pots and just as sturdy.

Price on Amazon: $49.99

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2) Cheese fondue gun

Making fondue in a pot is so 20th century. Fill this gun with your favorite cheese and in three minutes you’ll have perfect fondue. Apologies to your thighs.

Price on Amazon: $30

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3) Cocktail mixing syrup gift set

Nothing wows a party guest more than an expertly shaken (not stirred) cocktail. All these artisan cocktail syrups need is a little booze and imagination. Prepare to become a mixologist.

Price on Amazon: $39

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4) Himalayan salt cooking plate

It’s a cutting board, a cooking surface and serving platter all in one. Everything from chicken to veggies and every manner of seafood cooked on this comes out perfectly seasoned. It’s an entertaining must-have. Plus, you can use it over and over until the salt is gone. Comes with a pan and massive salt block.

Price on Amazon: $24.99

Buy it here

5) Automatic espresso machine

With the push of a button, this sturdy little machine makes shots of espresso, demitasse, cappuccinos and every other barista specialty under the sun.

Price on Amazon: $165 (regularly $250)

Buy it here

6) Pizza maker

Whether you’re pulling a pie from the freezer or making hand-tossed dough, this amazing tool rotates as it cooks to make perfect pizza every time. Best of all, there’s a little window to watch your pizza cook to perfection.

Price on Amazon: $30

Buy it here

7) Wine aerator

Red wine is best served when allowed to oxidize for half an hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that! This aerator pours a perfect glass of aerated red without the needless wait.

Price on Amazon: $19

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8) Artisan chocolate bar gift pack

These aren’t your daddy’s chocolate bars. These artisan milk and dark chocolate bars with roasted almonds, sea salt and caramel flavors are arranged like a fine leather-bound volume of novels. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Price on Amazon: $27

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9) Piping gun

Never wrestle with a messy piping bag again. Shoot out perfect roses, stars and swirls to make show-stopping desserts that look as good as they taste.

Price on Amazon: $19.99 (regularly $32)

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10) Sous vide cooking system

Sous vide is daunting in home kitchens, but Joule makes the entire system flawless. The magnetic base lets you use it with any pot, and the companion app walks you through countless restaurant quality recipes. Even with all these features, it’s one of the most affordable sous vide sticks on the market.

Price on Amazon: $179

Buy it here

11) Olive oil gift set

What’s better than one bottle of great olive oil? Four bottles of great olive oil, of course. This premium cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil comes in four bold flavors including green and red chili, orange and oreganon.

Price on Amazon: $19.99

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12) Premium bread machine

Like magic, this machine makes perfectly baked loaves. Just drop in the ingredients and flip it on. As it bakes, your house fills with the warm and cozy smells of a neighborhood bakery. Makes perfect white loaves, french baguettes, cinnamon rolls and every other baked good you could possibly dream of.

Price on Amazon: $308 (regularly $330)

Buy it here

13) Sea salt sampler

Explore a world of flavors, smells and colors with this amazing sea salt set. Sixteen offerings including Cyprus Onyx, Key-lime infused and porcini mushroom will take the phrase “pass the salt” to a whole new level.

Price on Amazon: $28

Buy it here

14) Japanese pour-over brewer

Don’t go dropping a day’s pay on a pricey pour pot. Make fancy and delicious pour-over style coffee with this sleek Japanese model. The heat resistant collar ensures you won’t burn yourself when pouring a perfectly brewed cup for company.

Price on Amazon: $19.99

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15) Jar of duck fat, 2-pack

Any foodie worth their salt goes gaga over duck fat. It’s known in most restaurants as “liquid gold” and takes even simple potatoes and greens to untold heights. Add a smack of succulent to everything with a simple spoonful.

Price on Amazon: $22.99 

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16) Double-walled coffee cups, 2 pack

Have you ever seen a sleeker coffee cup? I doubt you have. Not only are these double-walled cups perfect for handling lava-hot beverages, they make even a simple cup of black coffee pop like in a fancy coffee shop. Plus, they’re the kind of cups they use in Star Trek: Discovery, so they’re downright space-age.

Price on Amazon: $14

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17) Blooming tea sampler

If you want to make guests “ooh” and “ahh” at your next tea party, make a pot of blooming tea. Pop a dried blossom in a pot, pour on the hot water and watch it flower as it steeps. This set comes with seven blossoms and a pretty clear tea pot to steep them in. They taste as good as they look.

Price on Amazon: $24

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18) Pressure cooker

Electric pressure cookers don’t just make tasty meals in minutes instead of hours, they’re also incredibly portable. Makes everything from chili, to rice and even yogurt lightning fast.

Price on Amazon: $85

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19) Whiskey and rum barrel aged coffee gift set

Ever wished your morning joe had a smack of casket-aged flavor? These coffee blends are your dream come true. Enjoy stout and peaty aromas with every sip, whether you pair them with booze or not.

Price on Amazon: $29

Buy it here

20) Alton Brown’s Everyday Food

Even though Good Eats is finally returning next year, there’s an Alton Brown-sized hole in everyone’s lives. Let his recently published cookbook hold you over until next year. Fun fact: every mouth-watering picture in this book was shot on an iPhone camera.

Price on Amazon: $24

Buy it here


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*First Published: Nov 3, 2017, 8:46 am CDT