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These are the 7 best-selling cat toys on Amazon

Between cat naps, you have to play with them or they'll stand on your chest at 3am.


Colette Bennett

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Posted on Sep 26, 2016   Updated on May 25, 2021, 10:28 pm CDT

If you think your attention span is bad, your cat has it a thousand times worse. Why else would they dart around your house aimlessly with glazed eyes like a madman? You can just live with their weirdness if you want, but it’s a lot easier to deal if you actually play with your cat. 

There are way too many toys to choose from out there, which is why we consulted Amazon to find out what the best-selling cat toys are and what makes them so appealing. 

Here’s that list so you can figure out how to keep your furry buddy from destroying your valuables.

1) Skittercritters catnip mice


Catnip mice are a classic favorite for felines, so if you’re just starting to buy toys this is a good one to get. The three pack is handy whether you have one cat or several, and you’ll be surprised to see how much fun your pets can have with an inanimate object.

$2.03 on Amazon

Buy it here

2) Cat Charmer Wand


You haven’t truly lived as a pet owner until you’ve seen the look in a cat’s eyes when you wave this thing at them. Your cat will love it so dearly it will eventually claw it to shreds, which is no big deal since they’re so cheap in the first place.

Price on Amazon: $6.96

Buy it here

3) Cat Catcher Teaser Wand


This cat toy relies less on the swerve factor and more on dangling, but cats love both, so it’s really up to you which will keep your cat most active. (Or if you can’t decide, just splurge and get both for less than $15.) This one is made of wire, so it may hold up longer than than the ones made of feathers or fabric.

Price on Amazon: $7.49

Buy it here

4) Purrfect Arch Self-Groomer


Grooming your kitty can be tough if it doesn’t care for the feel of a brush, but this self-groomer can help to solve that problem. Use it as is, or spray a bit of catnip on it and watch them rub all over it. Less hair for you to clean up!

Price at Amazon: $16.37

Buy it here

5) Mylar Balls


These crinkly little balls are heaven for a cat who enjoys batting things around (and don’t they all). Unlike most other toys, you can drop them on the ground and your cat will do the rest of the work. If hearing noises at three a.m. isn’t your thing, though, you might want to take them away before you turn in for the night.

Price on Amazon: $6.03

Buy it here.

6) Incline Scratcher Cat Toy


Cats need things to scratch to sharpen their claws, since it’s their instinct to have them ready to go to defend themselves in the wild. This can be frustrating if their item of choice is your door frames or table legs. Give them a solid scratcher, like this one, if you’d like to avoid that problem.

Price on Amazon: $5.79

Buy it here

7) Weazel Ball


Thanks to the help of a AA battery, this ball will roll itself all over your house, dragging a furry weasel in tow. Your cats will be intrigued, and the weasel will soon be decimated, but it kept them from clawing your curtains for a few hours, right?

Price on Amazon: $6.45

Buy it here


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*First Published: Sep 26, 2016, 2:28 pm CDT