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4 reasons bamboo bed sheets will make your life worth living again

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Posted on Oct 19, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 1:54 pm CDT

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for efficient performance during the day, but that’s pretty hard to do when the news is an actual nightmare on earth. You’re going to need something to help erase the horror of seeing one gut-wrenching headline after another, so you may as well hide in your bed and never come out again.

Bamboo sheets are a really inexpensive key to making your bed the refuge you need. Here’s how they can dramatically improve the way you count your zzz’s:

1) Lower your thread count, increase your sleep

Undoubtedly you’ve heard that super-luxurious sheets with a high thread count are the way to go. News flash: you’ve heard wrong. It turns out the tighter weave on high-thread-count sheets actually makes them less breathable. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a thread count of about 400. Anything higher is typically a manipulation of fabric or involves synthetic finishes that can be irritating and eventually will wear out. And since you’re going to be here for a while (the next 3 years, at least), you might want to be comfy while you hide from reality.

2) Choose a cooler material

Synthetic materials tend to trap heat and make for a more uncomfortable (and sweaty) night’s sleep. If you’re a sweaty sleeper, opt for natural materials like cotton or bamboo. These lightweight materials help wick away moisture and won’t weigh you down on hot nights.

3) Wash new sheets — twice — before you use them

Make sure you wash your new sheets a couple times before putting them on your bed, as they can get irritants on them in the packaging. Plus, patterns and colors are added to sheets once they’ve been woven, so they could feel stiff from the dye. A couple rounds through the washing machine will give you a better idea of what they truly feel like, and will treat your skin with kindness (which, let’s be honest, we could all really use right now).

4) The right color counts

Color selection may seem trivial when it comes to choosing your bed sheets, but like most things, loud or offensive colors can be distracting to you when you’re trying to fall asleep. For example, while you may love the color red, it can induce feelings of anger or give you a burst of energy. Eye-catching colors may be fun to look at, but they are typically used to keep the brain alert, which is the last thing you want at bedtime. You’ll want to choose more soothing colors like cool blues, whites, and grays.

If you’re looking for some affordable high-quality bedding that can help you escape the reality of today’s politics, check out these Ultra Soft 1800 Series Bamboo Bed Sheets. They tick all the boxes when it comes to making sure sleep leaves you rested and ready to deal with another day of horrifying bullshit. Also, make your bed set complete with bamboo pillow cases.

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*First Published: Oct 19, 2017, 8:10 am CDT