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10 games you’ll actually want to play at your bachelorette party

Mostly NSFW, 100% fun.


Marisa Losciale

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Posted on Mar 12, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 5:17 pm CDT

With wedding season right around the corner, you and your besties are probably in the middle of organizing someone’s bachelorette party. And it’s safe to say none of you realized just how much work it was going to be – gathering music for a playlist, deciding on entertainment, snacks, decorations, etc. Although it may be true that some people are easier to plan for than others, everyone loves a good party game.

While classic college drinking games are good at getting everyone drunk, that’s pretty much all they’re good for. If you want something little less basic and that guarantees a good time, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Listed below are 10 of the best games for every type of gal’s bachelorette party.

Best bachelorette party games

1) Dick Match

Dick Match is pretty self-explanatory. It’s played exactly like the matching games you use to have as a kid, except with Dick Match you’re matching highly detailed, cartoon dicks. The rules are simple: make a match and you get to go again, mess up and you’ve screwed yourself out of a turn.

Price: $14.99 (regularly $20)

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2) A bachelorette-themed scavenger hunt

The 19 items on this list are broken down into four different point categories. As the point value increases, so does the intensity of the search you’re on. Printed on high-quality cardstock, these task cards are ideal for your celebratory G.N.O.

Price: $11.99

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3) Sexy scratch-off dare cards

The easiest way to get people in the mood to party is by giving them an incentive, and these dare cards do just that. Will your guest get a card that’ll embarrass them or another member of the party? Only time will tell.

Price: $9.95 (regularly $13.49)

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4) Unicorn Express

Feeling daring? Grab a pack of Unicorn Express. The adult card game combines creative (and hilarious) dare cards with alcohol to ensure a night of absolute nonsense. Dare cards include: “Stand up before every drink,” “choose someone to drink three swigs,” and “have a swig for every player.” 

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5) Bachelorette Bingo

It’s every woman for herself when it comes to bingo, and Bachelorette Bingo is no exception. The first to complete five tasks in a row and yell “BINGO!” wins the game (and sometimes a prize).

Price: $9.99

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6) Pick Your Poison

In what boils down to being the ultimate game of “Would You Rather…,” players compete to craft the hardest scenario possible by combining two poison cards. Each round one player is the Judge and plays their pair of Poison cards. Everyone else anonymously votes on one of the two cards while the Judge keeps score. If players choose different poisons, the Judge wins. But if the vote is unanimous, the players win.

Price: $24.99 (regularly $29.99) 

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7) Willy Ring Toss

This carnival-inspired game is all about aim. Whatever your strategy – toss, fling or using some backhand action, you better have good aim if you want to win. Players compete to successfully toss as many rings as they can onto their partner’s artfully designed ding-a-ling.

Price: $12.49

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8) Confessions: Bachelorette Party

Confessions is the ultimate game of brutal, awkward honesty. With over 150 cards to be played, guests will take part in party-wide polls, as well as be put on the spot and be forced to confess! The confessions may be harmless, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be painless.

Price: $14.98 (regularly $24.95)

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9) Polish or Porn?

Using these game cards, guests decide whether or not each phrase is the name of a nail polish or a porn. Once everyone has completed their card, you can all revel in the joy of reading the answers aloud using the key.

Price: $7.99+

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10) Hot Seat

Remember all the stories from before you were a responsible adult? This game forces you to relive them all. It reveals what all your friends think of you, your kinks and all else that makes you, you – for better or for worse.

Price: $22.99 (regularly $25.00)

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*First Published: Mar 12, 2019, 6:58 am CDT