Val Venis(l), Cody Rhodes holding trans flag with fan(r)

Robert Bejil/Flickr @thejudgementgay/Twitter (CC-BY)

Val Venis’ extremely graphic WWE storylines recirculate after tirade at Cody Rhodes for posing with fan’s trans flag

Venis was famous in the WWE for his adult film star character.


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on Feb 21, 2024

Val Venis, a WWE wrestler through the late 90s and 2000s, is getting jackhammered online after posting a photo mocking wrestler Cody Rhodes for posing with a fan’s Rhodes-themed transgender flag.

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“Keep AFFIRMING evil into the minds of the fans that pay for your paycheck @CodyRhodes,” Venis, who was born Sean Allen Morley, posted on X. “Why do you hate your fans so much that you would fool them into never realizing their own salvation?”

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Venis posted the message over an edited photo of Rhodes holding the flag next to a fan. Venis’ photo has a message added onto the flag from the point of view of a demon enticing the fan to follow the path of Satan.

“Ha ha ha. Kid, keep being you. My master wants to meet you. His name is Lucifer. You can call him Satan. Stay of your path of self glorification and enjoy your life. And remember, tell Satan, Cody Rhodes sent you,” the message reads in a creepy black font with blood dripping off the letters.

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Venis’ idea that Rhodes was inappropriately influencing children by supporting transgender rights was quickly jumped on by posters who speared Venis for his less-than-savory storylines in professional wrestling.

“Brother, you played a porn star to an audience of mostly children” replied @LibrarianJoe_ to Venis’ post. “Sit this one out.”

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“Dude played a fake pornstar and got the nerve to judge,” added @princeofdelair.

Venis has some of his biggest success as the Val Venis character, a porn star whose frequent romantic exploits were highlighted in the kayfabe storylines, including a special bit with porn star Jenna Jameson.

“I never once encouraged kids to become porn stars,” Venis replied to @princeofdelair. “I play that character the exact way it should be played. I played the part of an immoral, unethical, slimmy porn star. The exact way a porn star should be portrayed.”

“Dude, you played a character who was supposed to be a porn star on television directed at children,” replied @AJDiCosimo. “I even found the action figure with ‘removable terry cloth towel’ included.”

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“Annnnnnd yet, I’d still NEVER affirm a kids mental disorder called ‘gender dysphoria,’” Venis shot back. “That is EVIL AF!”

Venis’ most notorious storyline was a WWE feud between Venis and a stable of Japanese wrestlers who went by Kaientai. The feud blew up when Venus “slept” with one member of the stable’s wives, culminating in a wild moment where Venis was handcuffed to the ceiling, stripped naked, and nearly castrated with a samurai sword by a member of the stable.

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Venis is only saved because the lights suddenly went out, and “shrinkage” caused his would-be castrator’s sword swing to just barely miss.

Venis’ savior? John Wayne Bobbitt, who hit the lights for him. Bobbitt was the subject of an infamous news story where his wife Lorena chopped off his penis with a kitchen knife while he was sleeping. Bobbitt’s penis was surgically reattached, but the couple divorced a couple of years after the incident, with Lorena accusing John of rape and abuse. John was charged with rape but acquitted.

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Plenty of fans dunked on Venis for his porn star storylines while criticizing him for his post.

“Anyway, remember that time Val Venis got his [eggplant]  sucked while cutting a promo? Good times” posted @ourownwells over a clip of the incident, filmed while Venis sits in a sports car.

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And others just thought it was time for the samurai sword to return.

“Where’s Kaientai when you need them the most?” asked @SMSishere32.

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*First Published: Feb 21, 2024, 3:23 pm CST

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