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Twitter warns some users of state-sponsored attacks on their accounts

Some, but not all, of the users are involved in Internet security projects.


William Turton


Twitter warned some users early Sunday night that their accounts may have been the target of a “state sponsored attack.”

It’s unclear how many users received the emails or what prompted them. Unlike Facebook and Google, Twitter does not have a policy when it comes to informing users who may be targeted by state-sponsored hackers. This is the first known instance of Twitter informing its users of such an occurrence.

Some of the users who received the notices are involved with the Tor anonymity project and the broader Internet security community. Runa Sandvik, who researches privacy and security and helps train journalists on security and privacy, received a notice.

Twitter did not identify the state-sponsored attacker or describe its intentions. So far, 37 people are known to have have received the notice.

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