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How the ‘New York Times’ op-ed played right into the QAnon conspiracy

Is today the day?


David Covucci


Posted on Sep 6, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 7:10 am CDT

Yesterday, the internet exploded a tad more than normal when the New York Times released an anonymous op-ed detailing a right-wing resistance within the administration trying to protect the country from President Donald Trump‘s worst impulses.

In response, Trump tweeted “Treason?”

While writing an op-ed is most certainly not treason—and the tweet was very clearly in response to the op-ed—that didn’t stop the followers of QAnon from erupting, especially after their digital pied piper posted the tweet.


That the post was signed Q+—as opposed to the standard Q—led some to believe that the person who made it was Trump himself.

Later in the day, QAnon posted a speech given by Trump from his 2016 campaign where he railed against dark forces conspiring against him.

qanon treason trump new york times

It’s long been rumored by Q that a Storm was coming, and with Trump tweeting “Treason,” people speculated that today would soon be the day where sealed indictments were opened and thousands of Democrats were dumped in Gitmo.

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While those arrests likely won’t happen today, Trump’s specific tweet, even though it’s about the op-ed, mimics the language and ideas at the heart of QAnon.

And the Times op-ed managed to play into it. It does reference a cabal of “bad” actors who are working to circumvent the will of the people, as embodied by Trump. What was once a fake is now real. Regardless of the intentions of the New York Times, an op-ed like that helps stoke those fears.

In fact, some might even say those concerns have been legitimized.

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2018, 10:05 am CDT