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The 142 ways Donald Trump has already insulted his potential running mates

Congratulations to all the haters and losers on the list!


Aaron Sankin


From the moment Donald Trump became the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, there have been a flurry questions about who he’ll choose as his running mate.

To lead his vice-presidential search committee, Trump tapped retired neurosurgeon, amateur Egyptologist, and erstwhile GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson. In an interview with the Washington Post published over the weekend, Carson—who had previously admitted he only backed Trump’s nomination in return for a cabinet appointment in a potential Trump administration—let slip a handful of names on the veepstakes shortlist.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin are all reportedly in contention for Trump’s vice-presidential nomination.

Other than Palin, everyone on this list—which is almost certainly incomplete—was one of Trump’s former 2016 opponents. If Trump’s time on the campaign trail has been marked by anything, it’s a near-constant stream of invectives hurled against anyone and everyone who stood in his way to the nomination.

The litany of insults lobbed against Trump’s rivals is legendary. The New York Times has been keeping a running tally of all those insults, at least the ones sent out via his official Twitter account. Going through that list, it shows Trump has personally insulted everyone currently known to be on his vice-presidential shortlist an astounding 142 times—and that’s not even counting the tsunami of mud he’s slung in-person at campaign rallies and on television.

Here are every single one of those insults in one convenient package. If any of these people get the nod, the pair’s working relationship is sure to be stellar.

John Kasich

Marco Rubio

Ted Cruz

Chris Christie

Sarah Palin

Nothin’. Trump and Palin are reality-TV bros for life.

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