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No, Trump didn’t say ‘people are dying today that have never died before’

But Twitter accounts are saying he did

Mar 19, 2020, 12:32 pm*

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Libby Cohen

People on Twitter are trying to spread a fake claim that President Donald Trump said “people are dying who have never died before,” in regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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But, it’s not true.

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Trump has held regular press conferences to provide updates on the developing coronavirus crisis. Although he has said some questionable things at the podium, like labeling COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus,” he did not make the claim about people dying.

However, it’s spreading wildly on Twitter.

“’People are dying who have never died before.’ — Donald Trump, 3/18/20,” @JJ_Stellies tweeted.

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Snopes reported that the phrase has circulated since 2008. It was first a false quote attributed to former Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

But that has not stopped people on Twitter from attributing it to the current president.

“A great Trumpism ‘People are dying today that have never died before’ fuck me what an Intellect @realDonaldTrump,” @AllanSkerratt tweeted.

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“The president of “the free world” said :”People Are Dying Today That Have Never Died Before”… Do we cry or laugh at this? Or maybe be do both…” @OuissalHarize added.

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“Referring to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, President Donald Trump said, ‘People are dying today that have never died before.’ WTH? We Now Have an apocalyptic Zombie Pandemic. No wonder Trump suggest inserting garlic into potential vaccines,” @AWAG_saltwater tweeted.

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A lot of misinformation has circulated throughout the spread of COVID-19 from Twitter to Facebook.

And with something like this, it’s easy to see just how quickly it can spread.

H/T Snopes

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*First Published: Mar 19, 2020, 10:48 am