Trump's appearance on Logan Paul's podcast revives height question

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‘Something doesn’t add up’: Trump’s appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast revives height question

Logan Paul looked taller than the former president.


Marlon Ettinger


Photos released ahead of former President Donald Trump’s appearance on influencer Logan Paul’s podcast “Impaulsive” are raising questions about the former president’s height. 

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Trump, who’s 6’3” according to booking documents, looks a little shorter than Paul, who’s billed at 6’2” in the WWE. 

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It’s unknown whether Trump reported his own height when he was arraigned, or if he was actually measured by the police. People have suspected Trump of lying about his height before. He once listed his height as 6’2′ on his draft card.

But in 2016, when he weighed in at 236 lbs during a physical, his height had mysteriously been updated to 6’3″. That conveniently had him slip just under the BMI standard for obesity.

“Something doesn’t add up,” posted u/dantagonize on Reddit about the height discrepancy, setting off a discussion about whether Trump was lying about his height.

Trump turns 78 tomorrow, and plenty of people pointed to his advanced age as a likely reason that the two men’s publicly stated heights don’t seem to match the picture.

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“So it’s entirely possible that Trump was 6’3” at one point,” posted u/OstrichSalt5468. “BUT age does make you shrink.”

“He also has really weird posture that could easily cost him an inch or two,” added u/T-MinusGiraffe. “So between that and the information attached to this picture, his height may be one of the few things he hasn’t lied about.”

Trump’s appearance on Paul’s podcast is part of a push by the campaign to appeal to the young, male audience influencers like Paul have.

“Logan Paul has 18.5 million followers on TikTok and 27 million followers on Instagram, where a 2023 analysis determined that about half of his audience is between ages 18-24,” pointed out GOP pollster Frank Lutz in reaction to the news that Paul was having Trump on the podcast.

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Trump also appeared on the Nelk Boys “Full Send” podcast in April last year, another hugely popular show aimed at young men. The Nelk Boys have interviewed a raft of right-wing Republicans from Donald Trump Jr. and Tucker Carlson to Candace Ownes and Ben Shapiro.

Trump promoted his current appearance on Paul’s podcast with a video posted on his own TikTok of himself and Paul in a mock wrestling staredown, with Paul’s co-host Mike Majlak standing between the two men holding Paul’s WWE United States Champion belt.

@realdonaldtrump Face off with @Logan Paul ♬ Way down We Go – KALEO
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In that clip, Paul initially looks like the taller man before the angle changes, with Trump appearing to be just a bit taller when the camera faces the two straight on. 

In promo clips released for the podcast, Trump called Biden the worst president in the history of the U.S., talked about how powerful AI is, and teased the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena. 

But because Paul and Trump are sitting down in the clips, there’s no additional information to be gleaned about what their actual heights might be.

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