A Christmas tree (L) and Jill Biden (R).

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Twitter is feuding over Jill Biden and Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations

Twitter users debated which had the better decorative taste.


Mikael Thalen


Published Nov 30, 2021   Updated Nov 30, 2021, 1:45 pm CST

With Christmas fast approaching, Twitter users are doing what Twitter users do best: politicizing everything.

The latest topic to spur widespread debate on the social media platform is none other than Christmas decorations. Specifically, those at the White House.

First Lady Jill Biden unveiled on Monday what she has dubbed as “Gifts for the Heart,” the decorative theme for this year’s holiday season.

The White House has been adorned with 41 Christmas trees, 78,750 lights, 6,000 feet of ribbon, over 10,000 ornaments, and 300 candles.

East Wing communications director Elizabeth Alexander told CNN that the decorations are meant to portray “things that unite and heal, and bring us together.” Unsurprisingly, social media users had other ideas.

While some critiques were likely rooted in personal opinion, the vast majority of remarks regarding the Christmas decor appeared to align with one’s politics. Those supportive of the Biden administration applauded the look as superior to the decorations used last year by former First Lady Melania Trump. Supporters of Trump did the opposite.

“I think Jill Biden’s Christmas decorations for the White House are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!” said Robert Cooper, a self-described progressive. “Raise your hand if you agree!”

Meanwhile, conservatives longed for a return to the days of a Trump-inspired Christmas while decrying the decorative decisions of the Biden White House.

“Jill Biden commissioned these Christmas decorations for the East Room entrance of the White House,” conservative user @goodblackdude wrote. “Looks pretty damn bad. Bring Melania back!”

Reporting on the decorations followed a similar theme. A tweet from the left-leaning HuffPost argued that the decorations showed that the Trump White House clearly didn’t “give a f**k” about the holiday.

“Unlike her predecessor Melania Trump, the current first lady seems to give a f**k about Christmas,” the outlet tweeted.

A tweet from the Bongino Report, a conservative blog run by right-wing commentator Dan Bongino, referred to the newly unveiled decorations as an obvious “downgrade.”

“There are few better metaphors to describe how much of a downgrade the White House experienced going from Donald Trump to Joe Biden than looking at the Christmas decorations this year,” the tweet read.

Politicians couldn’t help but weigh in as well. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) quipped that the White House should deflect blame for the decor elsewhere.

“If I were Jill Biden, I’d just blame those White House Christmas decorations on the supply chain crisis,” she tweeted.

At least one Trump supporter sensationally argued that the Bidens’ decorative choices proved that the current administration hated both God and Christmas.

“Jill Biden’s hideous White House decorations just shows how much Democrats hate God and Christmas!” @NickAdamsinUSA wrote.

But not everyone appeared convinced that the issue was worth discussing. Some Twitter users poked fun at the entire debacle.

“The war on Christmas can only be defeated through a series of escalating battles over whose White House decorations were better,” @JerryDunleavy said.


Until next year.

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*First Published: Nov 30, 2021, 1:13 pm CST