Man goes viral for ‘attacking’ Joe Biden dummy in cringe TikTok video

The video is giving viewers 'Napoleon Dynamite' vibes.

Dec 20, 2020, 3:48 pm*

Internet Culture


Rachel Kiley

Some people—namely diehard supporters of President Donald Trump—really haven’t been handling the fact that Joe Biden won the election well. In fact, many of them are handling it by simply refusing to accept it at all, though others are taking a more aggressive route.

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TikTok user @big_pappa_pump22, aka Big Chet, is going viral after he shared a video of himself beating the crap out of a dummy he says represents Biden.

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“What’s up guys?” Big Chet asks viewers. “I am standing here with the President Joe Biden, sir. How does it feel to be the president of the United States of America?”

That’s as far as the TikToker gets before he launches into an all out assault on the dummy, which flails back and forth on its base as it takes the hits.

“What’d you say to my daughter?” he asks it in a later scene. “You done touching kids, huh? You done? Tell everyone. Say you’re done. Say you’re sorry.”

There’s so much to unpack here that it’s hard to know where to start. But after reviewing every TikTok on this channel, I still can’t tell whether this is serious or a joke—which, in Trumpworld, is unfortunately often a sign that it’s legit. However, the whole schtick is so close to Napoleon Dynamite’s Rex Kwon Do that one can only hope it’s a mockery of Americans and not actually serious.

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After all, despite the vibrant American flag pants, Big Chet appears to be Canadian. He has also uploaded a video of himself beating up a dummy version of Jeffrey Epstein, with promises to target a fake Justin Trudeau next.

Regardless of the intent behind the video, watching it was a wild ride. And it certainly resonated with Trump supporters who flocked to the comments.

“Please do this for real…” one user wrote.


And more than one person chimed in to tell Big Chet that Biden isn't technically the president yet, and, of course, they don't think he ever will be (despite the part where he won the election).

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Those who saw the video on Reddit, where it was eventually reposted, took a decidedly different tone, with commenters calling the TikToker “unhinged” and asking what on earth they just watched.

“I used to do stuff like this when I was 12,” u/last_train_to_space pointed out.

Now that you mention it, this does have a distinct “Star Wars Kid” vibe to it, just with more overt politics and fewer lightsabers.

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*First Published: Dec 20, 2020, 3:47 pm