anonymous person speaking in mask with microphone in front of white walls with caption 'Im finally back' (l) anonymous person speaking in mask with microphone in front of white walls with caption 'You probably' (c) anonymous person speaking in mask with microphone in front of white walls with caption 'Realized who I am' (r)

Andrew Tate impersonators are racking up millions of views on TikTok

‘I swear this is Andrew Tate.’


Mikael Thalen


A TikTok user racked up hundreds of thousands of followers and over 1 million views by posing as incarcerated and accused human trafficker Andrew Tate.

The account, known simply as Dr. Reality, features a masked individual using what is likely AI voice technology in order to mimic the controversial influencer.

As of this writing, the account has managed to accrue more than 283,000 followers. In the account’s first video, uploaded on Feb. 15, Dr. Reality claims that their face is hidden in order to keep them from getting “canceled.”

The videos, which include Dr. Reality using Tate’s signature hand pose, largely surround ways in which users can supposedly become millionaires. Just like the real Tate, Dr. Reality offers his followers access to a paid online course designed to “turn your life around.”

The “Online Wealth Creation Course” offered by Dr. Reality has allegedly been marked down from €45.99 to just €19.99, equal to roughly $21.21.

The top-rated comment on the account’s initial video simply states that “He’s back,” an apparent reference to Tate. It’s unclear whether the comment is genuine or merely a bot designed to drive up engagement.

Dr. Reality also uses phrases commonly linked to Tate such as “escape the Matrix,” although when confronted about their identity the account holder states that they “cannot reveal my true identity yet.”

Yet the commentary on each video makes it apparent how they are trying to be portrayed.

“Hello my future millionaires. I have a very important message to tell you,” Dr. Reality states. “I’m back. I’m finally back. I will not tell you where I am. If you think about it you will probably realize who I am.”

The comments, which again cannot be verified are from legitimate users, were filled with mentions of Tate in response.

“I swear this is Andrew Tate,” a highly-upvoted remark reads.

Assuming at least some people have been convinced, the account highlights just how far imposters and scammers have come in recent years with the advent of deepfake and voice-cloning technology.

The TikTok page also advertises an Instagram account, which the Daily Dot friend requested in an attempt to reach out for comment. The Instagram profile, however, pails in comparison to Dr. Reality’s TikTok page, with fewer than 7,000 followers.

The Daily Dot also emailed an address associated with the account.

In the past, scammers have similarly attempted to exploit mainly right-wing internet users by posing as prominent figures.

Following the death of antivirus pioneer John McAfee, scammers spent months posing as the technology enthusiast and promising to leak secretive government documents. In the end, the account instead ended up soliciting donations for a fake food drive.

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