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This ‘alternative healing’ salon refuses to see clients who’ve had the COVID vaccine

The business’ explanation for why is … questionable.


Nahila Bonfiglio


From our friends at Nautilus.

A Scotland business owner is refusing to see clients who’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine due to her fears of “vaccine shedding.”

Glasgow “alternative healing” salon White Rabbit Healing recently communicated via Instagram that vaccinated clients are no longer welcome inside the business. In a social media post, which has since been made private, owner Suzanne Holliday informed customers that she made the decision in an effort to “protect” her clients. 

“This decision is not one of fear,” the Instagram post reads. “Fear is the lowest vibration. It is simply to protect my clients, myself, and my child from the unknown effects of this experimental injection after my own experiences since coming back to work.”

Holliday listed several well-known conspiracy theories about the vaccine.

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From our friends at Nautilus

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