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The 6 Best Tattoo Blogs On Tumblr

Looking to get some ink? Our handy guide will help you find all the best inspiration on Tumblr.


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Published Jan 22, 2017   Updated May 25, 2021, 3:59 am CDT

When searching for tattoo inspiration the internet is full of wonderful designs and ideas, but sometimes it’s hard to find spaces that meet your specific needs. Thankfully Tumblr exists to fill in the blanks and features some of the finest tattoo curation blogs around the net. If you’re a Tumblr fanatic looking for some new places to spot tattoos these blogs will help fill in the gaps in your life.

Tiny Tattoo’s

Tiny small little tattoos are one of the biggest trends in body art right now. They’re easy to hide, cute, and relatively painless when compared to larger pieces. Of course with simplicity comes more risk, which is why you should plan out your designs in advance. Thankfully Tiny Tattoos is full of inspiration, with some of the most beautiful minuscule examples of the art form updated nearly daily.

Inked Magazine

While many of these blogs are simply curated, Inked Magazine is the official Tumblr presence of a real publication. Inked is a fantastic place to see a wide range of styles, artists, and designs from around the world. If you’ve got a rough idea but don’t know what you’re looking for exactly taking a few walks around Inked’s block will get your juices flowing. Just don’t check it at work, they feature a large number of half nude models, and unless you’ve got a cool office, it might be an issue.

F Yeah Tattoos

If you’re just looking for killer artists, F Yeah Tattoos should be one of your go-to resources. Serving up fresh content throughout the week, this blog is free commentary, models, or anything but art. Each image is accompanied by a link to the artist’s webpage and social media, allowing you to contact anyone whose work inspires you.

Your Tattoo Is Bad, And You Should Feel Bad

Tattoos are forever. So before you start looking for inspiration, maybe you should check out what happens when one goes bad. Your Tattoo Is Bad, And You Should Feel Bad collects the best and worst of tattooing, allowing you to see what happens when you don’t properly vet your artist before giving them your skin for eternity.

Your Body Is A Canvas

Your Body Is A Canvas focuses on how tattoos look on the human form. Often people don’t think about placement before getting their tattoos, ending up with great art they wish someplace else. Whether you’re into traditional, black and gray, new school, color, or just gorgeous models, Your Body Is A Canvas serves up plenty of inspiration for your next tattoo project.

Fuck Yeah Pop Punk Tattoos

Band tattoos are popular. Every tattoo artist you speak to can tell you about the countless lines of lyrics and logos they’ve permanently carved into the flesh of their customers. Fuck Yeah Pop Punk Tattoos acts as equal parts scared straight program and source of ideas. You’ll quickly learn that text over images won’t set you apart from the pack, but maybe you’ll find a design that helps you think of a better way to immortalize your favorite band. Let these fans teach you a lesson, stop by FYPPT before you head to the shop.

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*First Published: Jan 22, 2017, 11:48 pm CST