SpaceX shows off the luxe interior of its manned Dragon capsule

space x interior

Space X / YouTube

Space porn, check.

Like space porn? You’re in luck. This week, SpaceX released a host of photos and videos of its manned spaceship.

Or, you could just look at these photographs and discover how many ways you possess to say “cool!”

A video tour, featuring Crew Dragon’s gleaming sable, egg, and silver interior.


The crew cabin, which has four windows, features seats made of carbon fibre and Alcantara cloth.


For those who obsessively watch the destination graphic on commercial flights, here is the Rolls Royce of displays, which provide information on flight position, environmental situation, destination, and more in real time. 


The Environmental Control and Life Support System, which governs the temperature, gas mix, and other elements of the interior.

Photos and video via SpaceX (CC BY 2.0)

Curt Hopkins

Curt Hopkins

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