Furry hackers claim to breach Israeli telecom


Furry hackers claim breach of top Israeli telecom, leak data on 50,000 customers

A list of what appears to be customers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers was leaked.


Mikael Thalen


The self-described gay furry hackers from the group SiegedSec claim to have breached a top telecommunications business in Israel.

In a post to their Telegram channel on Monday, the group stated that it had hacked into the company Bezeq before leaking data on tens of thousands of customers.

“For our first treat to Bezeq, we have exfiltrated their customer database, containing nearly 50,000 customer full names, email addresses, and phone numbers,” the group wrote.

The Daily Dot emailed numerous individuals on the customer list to inquire over whether they were aware of the alleged hack but did not receive any replies by press time. Bezeq did not respond to the Daily Dot either.

The hackers also stated that they were able to access Bezeq’s campaign management portal to send a “fun little email” announcing the breach.

A member of SiegedSec confirmed their access to the company’s portal by sending the same email to the Daily Dot.

“HACKED BY SIEGEDSEC. the gay furry hackers have conquered Bezeq, Israels largest telecom company!” the email said alongside a link to the hackers’ Telegram channel. “meow :3.”

SiegedSec further stated on Telegram that it was able to access the company portals used to control devices around the country and “shut them down,” although the Daily Dot was unable to confirm the claim. Several screenshots showing an administration panel with devices listed were included in the post.

“This also affects devices from the Hungary, Finland, and U.S Embassies in Israel,” the group said, although its unclear what embassy devices the hackers may have had access too.

The Daily Dot reached out to the U.S. Embassy in Israel to ask about the alleged disruptions but reached the office after business hours.

The apparent breach comes as hacktivist groups take sides in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. So far, much of the activity has revolved around DDoS attacks and website defacements.

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