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‘Gavin Smollett’: Proud Boys are furious Gavin McInnes faked being arrested

The Proud Boys founder is actually on vacation.


Claire Goforth


Posted on Sep 6, 2022

Gavin McInnes fans are outraged over his latest prank.

Late last month, the Proud Boys founder prompted an outpouring of interest and concern by appearing to be arrested during a live broadcast of his show. One of his associates subsequently claimed that McInnes was “rotting in jail.” A rumor that the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided him spread like wildfire across the internet.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Comedian turned far-right troll Owen Benjamin first revealed that McInnes faked the arrest as an “attention grift” and then went on vacation.

On Monday, McInnes posted a photo confirming that he’s hanging out on a boat drinking beer and not counting the hours on the cell block.

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His fans are furious. They’re accusing McInnes of lying for clout and making a mockery of Proud Boys who are actually incarcerated. McInnes officially left the Proud Boys in 2018, but maintains ties to the group.

“Doing it the day a PB got 5 and a half years for loitering was disgusting,” said one. They appear to be referring to a Proud Boy who was recently sentenced to 55 months over the Capitol riot.

Comments on McInnes’ post are filled with insults, slurs, and body shaming.

“The boy who cried wolf,” wrote one. Others simply called him an “asshole,” “motherfucker,” and other names.

Many are likening him to Jussie Smollett, the actor who staged a hate crime against himself.

Several referred to McInnes as “Gavin Smollett” or replied “hi Jussie” to the shirtless boat picture he posted on Telegram.

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Others jokingly referred to McInnes as Hunter Biden for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

“It’s bullshit that our guys are behind bars while Hunter Biden gets to live elegantly on European boat trips without even being charged for the heinous crimes he has committed,” commented a Telegram user who goes by the screen name Proud Boys.

A few people came to McInnes’ defense. One opined that lying about getting arrested was a “brilliant” move that drew attention to his show and channel.

“Look at all the free marketing and advertising you got and it was your enemies that paid and printed your marketing!” they added.

More people remain angered by McInnes’ so-called prank. Some are claiming they’re done with him, but overall the appetite for holding him accountable seems muted at best.

“And we won’t do a damn thing about it but complain,” wrote one.

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2022, 2:58 pm CDT