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How data visualizations are making public transportation beautiful
Bruno Imbrizi is the latest developer to add to the already sizeable catalogue of transport visualizations. 
Taiwan bought Google ads to silence anti-nuclear activists
One activist is calling for an investigation of whether it was an improper use of taxpaer money.
Error 451: When “not found” means “censored”
A new movement demands better access to court orders blocking websites.
2 tweets from a billionaire caused a huge spike for Apple shares
The billionaire is perfectly poised to drive market trends via the social media service.
Are we letting kids online too early?
In recent years there's been a major rush to get kids online, both at school and at home, but experts warn there could be adverse effects. 
Rich people paying for iPad lessons… for dogs
Sit. Stay. Point. Click.
These armchair engineers think they can improve Elon Musk’s hyperloop
Inventor Elon Musk released 56 pages of details about his theoretical 800 mph train, but Reddit has some additional suggestions.
Hacktivists want to free the ‘net by building a new one
A growing number of developers are working on a decentralized network that would connect computers directly to each other instead of ISPs. 
This cocktail glassware could help prevent date rape
Roofies, you've met your match.
Twitter knows which restaurants are getting people sick
The nEmisis system geolocates tweets and analyzes them to track food poisoning.
Sketchy new iOS app lets you secretly save Snapchats
What was once a promise that your pictures would be deleted (and unrecoverable) is now pishposh.  
The legendary Mojave Phone Booth is back
You can call 760-733-9969. But there's no telling who's going to be on the other line. 
Amazon reviewers totally underwhelmed by $1.4 million Monet
"For as much as I paid I'm a little upset that this isn't a new painting," wrote one disappointed reviewer.
The brain-reading telekinesis headset that can make you sharper
Tan Le of Neuro-tech company Emotiv Lifesciences has created a headset that reportedly reads your brainwaves. 
Woman pays $1,300 for 2 iPhones, gets 2 actual apples instead
An iPhone scam gets seedy down under.
How cybercriminals use major news events to attack you
The recent birth of Prince George provides a perfect case study of the tactics used by hackers and spammers. 
Vonnegut Trust sells author’s soul to Amazon for fanfiction
The intent is to expand Vonnegut's pull with today's readers, but will the partnership just alienate the very fans it's meant to reach?
This real-time sonification of Wikipedia’s change feed will make you weep
This is what change sounds like on Wikipedia—sort of.