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Mark Zuckerberg calls for immigration reform with
Mark Zuckerberg took his biggest leap yet into politics this week with an impassioned Washington Post editorial in support of comprehensive immigration reform.
Amazon makes promises some retailers can’t keep
Some merchants can't fulfill the delivery guarantees Amazon offers on their behalf, leading to negative reviews and hampered business. 
Dom’s stolen laptop is in Iran, and he’s spying on the new owner
A hidden app on the MacBook allows Dom to watch through its webcam—but he still hasn't been able to get his computer back.
Update: Apple didn’t really ban a comic over gay sex
"Unfortunately, because of two postage stamp-sized images of gay sex, Apple is banning tomorrow’s SAGA #12 from being sold through any iOS apps," Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan announced.U
Web’s largest reading community, Goodreads, bought by Amazon
Goodreaders are worried about how the retail behemoth could change their community.
Google+ courts new users with GIFs
Google+ subscribers will soon be able to use animated GIFs for their profile picture.
Google takes on Sweden in fight over the word “ungoogleable”
Google's lawyers take on Swedish linguists in a debate over the meaning of the Swedish word "ogooglebar."
Is Reddit turning a blind eye to spam?
Redditor redLP published a detailed post that claims the 37,000-strong r/thebestofamazon is a spamming front controlled by one person operating under several aliases.
Is Google bringing us too close to art?
The Google Art Project is changing the way we look at masterpieces—and introducing a whole new set of problems. 
You can now search Google for animated GIFs
For the first time in the company's 15-year history, Google has harnessed the power of its search engine to allows people to find animated GIFs.
10 romantic lessons from a famed hacker’s OKCupid profile
Here's what can we learn about life, love, cyberwarfare, and mild spankings from AT&T hacker weev.  
Were Chinese celebrities paid to attack Apple on social media?
CCTV is being accused of paying celebrities to post anti-Apple remarks on Sina Weibo.
RIP MSN Messenger
All users of Windows Live Messenger (except in mainland China) now have to use Skype instead.
Why we need a Web that forgives and forgets
The case for an ephemeral Internet. 
Can the Internet keep Google Reader alive?
Google Reader is dead. Long live... well, we're not exactly sure. Here's how the Internet is trying to keep its favorite RSS reader alive.
Reports of Facebook’s teen exodus have been greatly exaggerated
Anecdotes and unscientific surveys point to teens leaving the site, but its most-talked-about pages tell a different story.
Sweet Brown has the time to file a lawsuit against Apple
Sweet Brown is suing Apple over an uncleared sample of her famous "nobody got time for that" interview that appeared on iTunes,
Dove pushes Real Beauty with deceptive new app
Toiletry titan Dove turned to the Internet to promote a Photoshop Action that would revert any of the materialistic changes made to a file back to its original form.