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Amazon is deleting sex workers’ wish lists without warning
Most people in the adult entertainment industry have wish lists for their fans. But some say Amazon has a problem with that. 
Ex-Posure is an app that helps you avoid your exes—but it’s a total failure
Hell is other people, especially if you've slept with them. 
Why anonymous Facebook isn’t nearly as strange as you think
Facebook wants to hide your data and eat it, too.
Twitter is unlikely to get a ‘Whisper’ mode
Simmer down now. Dick Costolo was likely just talking about DMs.
TweetCred Chrome extension tells you which tweets to trust
Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.
Hackaday wants to send you to space
Hardware innovators, get to work.
Introducing You&Me, the sexy sexy messaging app for couples
Introducing You&Me, the sexy sexy messaging app for LTRs.
Can Foursquare grow by splitting itself in two?
Foursquare wants to have a metamorphosis. 
Netflix, Google may launch campaign to protect net neutrality
Reddit, Netflix, Google, and more are gearing up for a round against the FCC.
Snapchat pushes into the messaging market with new chat feature
Now you can give blurry NSFW photos their proper context.
How to block certain ads from your YouTube channel
There's an easy way to stop the offensive, manipulative, or even triggering ads running on your YouTube channel.
Searching for inner peace in the App Store
Inner peace is but an app away.
Anonymity, ads, and links: What you need to know from Facebook’s F8 conference
If you’re waiting for Facebook to banish real names, keep waiting.    
Would you swipe right for Tinder advertising?
The hookup app is reportedly looking into a few new revenue models.   
Forget Popcorn Time—Zona is the future of online piracy
Why are you reading this and not instantly streaming every episode of the Simpsons for free RIGHT NOW? (Because it’s illegal, that’s why.)
How a U.S.-financed social network beat Twitter and Facebook in Afghanistan
Paywast has over a million fans in Afghanistan, and an origin story that involves the State Department.