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The 10 best responses to xkcd’s ‘Questions Found in Google’s Autocomplete’
Reddit user GeeJo answered nearly all of the 200-plus questions posed by the comic, just not in the way you'd expect. 
Your Facebook friends could kill your chance of getting a loan
Lenders can at your social interactions to determine your financial risk level.
New game plays Mad Libs with NSA censorship
Blackbar, a new app for iOS, is a fun play on the NSA’s love of redacting words with thick black bars.
Quitting Facebook? New device will electrocute you if you log on
Pavlov Poke is trying to zap that Facebook habit.
‘Reddit in Bed’ app makes the site easier for non-redditors
Kabir Hemrajani came up with the idea while browsing Reddit on a tablet with his fiancée—in bed, of course.
Facial scanning technology inches toward ‘1984’
In as little as five years, the government could be able to identify your face in the crowd. 
Now you can scan the entire Internet in under an hour
It is now possible to scan the Internet in just under the amount of time it would take you watch an episode of Breaking Bad.
Here’s ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s ridiculous Amazon Wish List
Act now, and you can buy her a sexy French maid costume!
Google says U.K. privacy laws don’t apply to it
The company refused to accept the legitimacy of a case filed by a group of British Google users who allege it illegally tracked their online activities.
Tailor and writer butt heads in war of bad reviews
A full-blown war of words is narrowly averted.
Why Pinterest is window-shopping for the soul
The things we pin aren’t really ours—and yet they symbolize us, they are us. We feel real connection and ownership of them, even if only for the moment we look at it there on the screen.   
Radio host accidentally Snapchats his ‘pork sausage’ to a Paralympian
A morning radio host in New Zealand shocked a Paralympic athlete by sending her a Snapchat photo of his genitals.
Hacker hijacks Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline to post bug report
A hacker was having trouble getting Facebook to take his bug report seriously, so he sent them a message they couldn't ignore.
Here’s the ridiculous app Chubby Checker is suing over
Heads up, those of you with size kinks.
How data visualizations are making public transportation beautiful
Bruno Imbrizi is the latest developer to add to the already sizeable catalogue of transport visualizations. 
Taiwan bought Google ads to silence anti-nuclear activists
One activist is calling for an investigation of whether it was an improper use of taxpaer money.
Error 451: When “not found” means “censored”
A new movement demands better access to court orders blocking websites.
2 tweets from a billionaire caused a huge spike for Apple shares
The billionaire is perfectly poised to drive market trends via the social media service.