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It’s allergy season, and these apps want to help you survive it
For most people, spring is a time of celebration and rebirth. For hay fever sufferers, it's hell. 
Why we can’t stop cloning Flappy Bird
Despite what cynics may think, income usually isn’t  the main motivation developers have for copying games. 
Alibaba, the Chinese version of Amazon, just filed its U.S. IPO
The world’s biggest e-commerce company just went public.  
Secret’s creators say it will have a private messaging feature
Psst... Secret's founders say the app is getting private chat. 
Google Maps’ mobile apps now offer Uber integration
Uber scores a unique Google Maps integration.  
Michigan and Pennsylvania become first states to test universal Internet IDs
The long-delayed government effort to streamline Internet security is being met with skeptism, privacy concerns.
Rap Genius strikes a smart partnership with the NMPA
The renegade lyrics site falls in line with the NMPA.  
This Amazon product review reenactment is a 5-star performance
Rhett & Link's ‘Slamazon’ sketch makes light of how seriously people treat online product reviews.
Leaked emails trace Google’s cozy relationship with the NSA
In working with the National Security Agency, is Google trading one enemy for another?
Secure messaging app Chadder debuts, with help from John McAfee
Chadder is like WhatsApp for privacy advocates. But can it deliever? 
Oculus wants to make the biggest game of all time
“This is going to be an MMO where we want to put a billion people in VR." 
This trick gives wannabe Facebook hackers a taste of their own medicine
'Ethical hackers' are tricking wannabe Facebook hackers into hacking themselves. 
With Google’s new Chrome update, you can kill the URL
They said it couldn't be done, but Google is taking the hypertext transfer protocol out of our lives.
The story behind these pee-testing surveillance toilets
A ‘thought experiment’ tricked people into thinking their pee was getting monitored by a big data team.  
Google’s Shopping Express service headed to New York, L.A.
If you live in New York or Los Angeles, you'll soon be seeing these babies a lot more.