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The frighteningly easy way people can save your Snapchat photos
According to a new YouTube video, all you have to do is hold down the home button to discreetly save a Snapchat photo. 
Amazon and the buyout of fandom culture
Corporate entities have woken up and smelled the fandom. Now they're all over it. 
Google’s weird relationship with the word “gayest”
“Those who actually intend the word to be pejorative have their bigotry validated when their politically incorrect search yields the results they originally set out for.”
The RIAA is tired of sending Google so many takedown notices
The RIAA wants certain repeat copyright offenders blacklisted, so it no longer has to send to notice to have Google block their sites.
The problem with Amazon’s new fanfiction platform, Kindle Worlds
Paying writers for their fanfiction sounds good on paper, but check out the fine print.
9 foods you’re totally eating wrong
From cupcakes to chicken wings, you've probably been wasting time—and food—for years. 
There’s an app for cleansing your colon
Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death in U.S. This new app aims to improve early diagnosis. 
Teens really are getting sick of Facebook
Well, here's a study from Pew that pretty much confirms what Facebook doomsayers have been predicting for months.
Here’s video proof Snapchat doesn’t delete your photos
YouTube's Nick Keck has figured out how to hack Snapchat. 
Britain’s MI5 scraps $116M IT system
The system was supposed to act as a sort of digital Department of Homeland Security.
Infinity reasons not to download Chris Brown’s new app
Team Breezy is on cloud nine right now. Chris Brown's new smartphone app is all about him, all the time, forever and ever. 
Snapchat threesome pic gets high schoolers suspended
Police are looking into whether the girl had reached the age of consent. If not, the case becomes a Class C felony.
Google Easter egg lets you play Atari’s Breakout
In what's becoming a spring tradition, Google has hidden another video game–inspired Easter egg in its powerful search engine.
Dear websites: We don’t want your f**king apps
Hey, websites asking you to download a separate mobile app, the Internet has a message for you.
Are we becoming our avatars?
According to a new study, how we perceive our avatars are "feeling" affects our own viewpoint of their virtual realm.
This is what happens when you write about millennials
In today's Dotted Lines: Millennials, Snapchats, Newtown, outrage, no Facebook friends, sexy Facebook friends, Marvel, and scented underwear.
For $300, Snapchat sexts can be yours forever
Richard Hickman says he can get back the supposedly deleted photos back in just six hours.
You can buy this guy’s personal data for $2
To protest data mining, Federico Zannier has violated his own privacy and is offering the results on Kickstarter.