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Parler wants to be the ‘free speech’ alternative to Twitter
Parler may be the next Twitter, or the new Gab.
The best live TV apps for Oculus Go and Oculus Quest
Now this is how you really cut the cord.
Twitter is absolutely dragging this ‘straight pride parade’
Smash Mouth told the group to 'F*CK OFF.'
Spotify wants to make it easier for you to find new podcasts
The company is testing curated podcast playlists with a small number of users.
Students roast their English teacher with memes about the school year
Who knew English could double as Meme Making 101?
Trump’s U.K. trip is a meme goldmine
At one point, his limo got stuck because Larry the Downing Street cat was lying beneath it.
Hawley urges Apple to offer ‘Do Not Track’ option for users
Hawley recently introduced his 'Do Not Track Act.'
How ‘checks notes’ became the delightfully sarcastic meme that *checks notes* simply will not die
If you've got to check your notes, you may not like where this is going...
The best free movie sites of 2019
You might be surprised what you can stream for free.
This Discord warned Pokémon Go players about the Virginia Beach shooting
The specter of gun violence looms over even the most innocent of games and its communities.
What is Google Nest Hub Max, and when can you buy it?
Here's everything you need to know.
Russia wants Tinder to hand over user data
Tinder could be barred from Russia if it refuses.
Reports: Spotify’s testing a new tool to let you DJ live with friends
The feature will enable users to add their favorite songs to their friends' playlists.
The best Xbox One TV tuners and how to install them
Stream live broadcast programming straight from your gaming console.
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