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There’s a typo in Taylor Swift’s new merchandise that has fans perplexed
Was this an accident? Or is this just another Easter egg?
Keanu Reeves’ name sends Twitter into a rhyming frenzy
Keanu Reeves checking out this article: Keanu Reads.
Popular ASMR YouTuber Life with MaK is quitting YouTube (updated)
The 13-year-old is quitting YouTube after it removed several of her videos in an effort to combat its growing pedophilia problem.
Everything you need to know to get started on TikTok
TikTok is daunting, but it doesn't have to be.
Amazon defends using footage of suspected thieves in Ring ads
Ring says its sponsored posts are intended to help keep neighborhood's safe.
Fake avalanche video sends Twitter into frenzy
'Please tell me this was a parody.'
Ed Krassenstein claims his Twitter suspension isn’t bothering him all that much
Ed Krassenstein spoke with the Daily Dot about his permanent suspension.
Here’s every game coming to Google Stadia at launch
The new generation of gaming is here, and it's carrying some heavyweights.
Lesbian couple reportedly assaulted after refusing to kiss for men
The mayor of London has denounced the attack.
A ridiculous video is being shared by anti-abortion activists—is it real?
'Nothing about the video says to me this was immediately after an abortion.'
Tinder has not yet succumbed to Russia’s demands for its user data
The dating app did not state whether it planned to hand over data in the future.
Ben Shapiro makes D-Day about YouTube
Truly important stuff here.
Why Casey Frey’s ‘Get tf out my way’ memes are taking over your timeline
'The more I watch this the more I realize this is about the worker’s revolution.'
Twitter suspended me for making a ‘slut’ joke. But what if I am a slut?
Twitter seems to have a problem with reclaimed slurs.
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