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Trump says whistleblower lawyer’s old tweets should end impeachment
Trump spoke about the tweets at a rally in Louisiana on Wednesday night.
Registered sex offender was allegedly DMing teen girls on Bible app
He was arrested after a local woman got suspicious.
Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia
The former employees reportedly accessed information on those who were critical of the government.
Airbnb to verify all listings following Halloween shooting
Airbnb pledged that all 6 million home rental listings on the site would be verified by late 2020.
This dog can talk with a custom soundboard
A speech pathologist created a device to communicate with her dog.
Self-driving Uber that killed pedestrian didn’t know about jaywalkers
An investigation found safety issues with Uber's software following the death of a pedestrian.
Nicki Minaj receiving backlash for ‘anti-Black’ tweet
Minaj has since deleted the tweet.
Stans are sharing their faves’ youngest accomplishments for Michelangelo meme
'Rihanna was only 19 when she invented Umbrella.'
Facebook says developers may have improperly accessed user data…yet again
It's unclear how many Facebook groups and users were affected by the incident.
This T-shirt fools AI into thinking you’re invisible
Image recognition systems won't even know you're there.
Ring thought surveillance videos of trick-or-treaters were a good PR opportunity
Alongside statistics, Ring also posted videos of trick-or-treaters.
Ja Rule chimes in on Popeyes chicken sandwich craze, gets promptly roasted
'You should not be bringing up sandwiches Fyre Fraud Festival King.'
‘Little Mermaid Live!’ flopped—but the memes are good
Viewers were left feeling kinda soggy...
Will Twitter’s new political ad policy exempt fossil fuel companies?
Twitter argues the policy is still in the works after questions were raised over climate ads.
Robinhood bug allowed users to invest, and lose, huge sums of money
It's unthinkable that a broker would allow a user to borrow almost hundreds of times their original deposit. But that's precisely what happened thanks to the bug.
My Chemical Romance may have predicted Chilean uprising back in 2011
'Hola Chile! Te amamos! Stay safe in 2019,' the band tweeted in 2011.
Twitter users are remixing ‘Eleanor Rigby’ for new meme
The meme remixes three original verses from the 1966 song.
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