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Facebook is trying to fight deepfakes by making its own deepfakes
Facebook is offering $10 million in rewards to whoever can make a deepfake-detection system.
How close are humans to falling in love with robots?
Android and gynoid love is the future.
Amazon seeks to secure exclusive programming for IMDb TV
Amazon hopes to expand IMDb TV into a major player in the streaming wars.
Confusion over Dakota Fanning’s new movie leads to uproar on Twitter
No, she's not playing a 'white Ethiopian Muslim.'
Millions of Facebook users’ phone numbers exposed online
A password-less server exposed more than records on 419 million Facebook users.
14 women sue Lyft, say company failed to address sexual assault complaints
The woman say Lyft doesn't take appropriate actions against drivers.
Jeremy Renner has an Amazon store safe from the trolls
The movie star's Amazon store serves outdoor products and inspirational quotes.
Ban law enforcement use of facial recognition, 30+ groups say
The calls to ban the use of facial recognition by law enforcement has even been brought up on the 2020 campaign trail.
Creators fear censorship after Steam pulls controversial adult game
Developers say Steam's adult content policies aren't consistent.
Planned Parenthood app tries to close reproductive care gap
The app will be available in all 50 states by 2020.
Report: Social media companies met with U.S. officials to discuss 2020 election
The companies met with a number of U.S. intelligence agencies.
Meet the influencers pushing for women’s rights in the Middle East
'If we don’t know something exists, we can’t even wish for it.'
Struggling to write an Instagram caption? These apps can help
Admit it: You often stare at the Instagram caption box, waiting for inspiration to strike.
New York MTA is tired of rescuing riders’ AirPods from subway tracks
The MTA is considering remedying the situation by asking passengers to keep their AirPods in.
Twitter has an Instagram account–and it’s so petty
Welcome to Twitter's Instagram account, a place to find screenshots of tweets.
YouTube’s hate speech crackdown leads to higher video removal—but how much is left?
The company has removed more than 100,000 videos but did not indicate how much hate speech still exists on the platform.
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