Video shows students crouched on a classroom floor while talking to alleged shooter outside the door

@shwifty766 / TikTok

‘He said bro—red flag!’: TikTok shows Oxford students identifying person claiming to be police as alleged shooter (updated)

They figured out he wasn't actually police.


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Published Dec 1, 2021   Updated Dec 3, 2021, 10:40 am CST

Update 10:35am CT, Dec. 3: In a press conference, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that the knock on the door was most likely from a plainsclothed police officer, who may have used the word “bro” to try and calm down students. However, it has not been confirmed who was behind the door.

The original TikTok has now been set to private.

The original post appears below.

A video from Tuesday’s Michigan school shooting has gone viral for showing how a group of students were able to determine the man outside their door was probably the alleged shooter after he used the word “bro” while trying to lie his way into the classroom.

The video, posted on TikTok by @shwifty766, shows how the students were able to escape the 15-year-old shooter at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan who killed three students

The video starts with a classroom full of students crouched on the floor, some holding on to each other, with a couple of them standing by the door and in conversation with someone outside.   

The person outside says they’re from the sheriff’s office and asks the students to come out. 

“We’re not willing to take that risk right now,” two students tell him, as they stand leaning towards what appears to be a blocked door.  

“I can’t hear you,” the person outside says. 

“We’re not taking that risk right now,” one student repeats. 

“Ok just open the door,” the alleged shooter responds, “and look at my badge, bro.”

This immediately shifts the energy in the room as the students suddenly start moving slowly. One student springs up and starts moving to the back window, before the panic sets in. 

“He said ‘bro,’” some students start murmuring.  

“He said ‘bro’” @shwifty766 says from behind the camera, “red flag!”

The students immediately start to move towards the back window, climbing out as panic ensues, and start running.  

@shwifty766 is also seen running and the video becomes blurry before they reach another part of the building and an officer pulls them in. 

“Slow down, you’re fine,” someone says. 

The wisdom and quick judgment of the students in the face of such panic was lauded by many in the comments.

The Daily Dot was not able to independently verify whether TikToker @shwifty766 is the one in the video. He posted a video early Wednesday morning verifying his identity, sharing information about threats to the school principal and graffiti in the school in the weeks prior, issues that were reportedly dismissed as “rumors” when they happened.

The Daily Dot reached out to @shwifty766 via TikTok.

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*First Published: Dec 1, 2021, 9:51 am CST