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‘Who says romance is dead?’: Right-wing influencers launch campaign to ‘outbreed the left’

It’s a lovely turn of phrase.


Tricia Crimmins


Far-right figures Chaya Raichik and Charlie Kirk both said they plan to “outbreed the left” this week by having more children than liberals and raising them to have right-wing views.

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Both of their statements are being memed online.

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Raichik runs the anti-LGBTQ X account @LibsOfTikTok, which doxes left-wing educators and individuals. Her tweets have been linked to more than 20 bomb threats at schools. Kirk is the founder of Turning Point USA, a conservative organization with chapters at high schools and colleges nationwide.

Last weekend, Kirk hosted his organization’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit. On Sunday, he tweeted a video of mothers who attended the event.

“We’re going to win either now or later,” Kirk tweeted, “when we outbreed the left!”

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And on Monday, in response to the tweet from X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk about having children, Raichik tweeted that she plans on having “a lot of them.”

“We’re going to outbreed the Left,” she tweeted. “Then we’re gonna homeschool or send our kids to private school so they can’t be groomed into becoming activists for leftist causes.”

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Raichik has deemed schools unsafe for children, where they’re indoctrinated on gender and sexuality and celebrate the LGBTQ community. She advocates for her followers to homeschool their children.

And though many found Raichik’s tweet heartwarming and replied that they have multiple children or plan to have them, others tweeted that her sentiment was frightening.

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“Wanting to have kids so you can ‘outbreed the left’ definitely isn’t strange and concerning,” one X user wrote.

“This is just sad,” another person said.

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Others joked about Raichik and Kirk’s message.

“Outbreed the left’ is such a fucked up statement,” an X user tweeted. “It would be rejected by Handmaids Tale writers for being too extreme.”

“‘We’re going to outbreed the left’ …and many of you say romance is dead,” another person wrote.

And some tweeted that parents aren’t able to ascribe views to their children.

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“That L*Bs of Tiktok horror talking about how she’s going to have ‘so many kids’ to ‘outbreed the left,’” one X user tweeted. “I know a family of 8 kids, all of whom were raised EXTREMELY conservative and homeschooled. 6 of them are queer radicals now.”

“‘We’re gonna outbreed the left’ mfs when every single one of their kids becomes a leftist because of their parents being abusive fucking pricks that hide the truth from them at every waking moment,” another person wrote, alongside a GIF.

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Even a conservative X user who seemed to be in support of Raichik’s tweet replied that her children are not right-wing—at least not at the moment.

“I have 5 grown kids. All raised with the same values. 3 are conservative and 2 are liberal. Sometimes it just happens,” she tweeted at Raichik. “I was liberal until I was about 30 so there’s always hope.”

Raichik assured her that “they will come around.”

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