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How to play Out of Tune, the new HQ Trivia-style app for music

Out of Tune tests your current music knowledge.


Christina Bonnington


Published Aug 21, 2018   Updated May 21, 2021, 8:17 am CDT

If you love the idea of HQ Trivia but prefer music-related trivia over general knowledge questions, there’s a new app that could be for you. The Out of Tune app is a new quiz-style app that tests your knowledge of pop music trends. The app features up-and-coming musicians, DJs, and comedians for a 24-minute entertainment experience each weekday, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

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The app is quite new, having just launched a little over a week ago. Curious to test out your musical chops? Here’s everything you need to know about this new app.

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What is Out of Tune?

Out of Tune is a free app on iOS made by FTW Studios. The app is hosted by an aspiring Brooklyn-based singer, Melody Alanna, and New York stand up comedian Ian Lara. The duo are accompanied by DJ Mary Mac and DJ 8PM. Each episode kicks off with a 10-minute DJ set followed by a 14-minute live quiz show in the vein of HQ Trivia. However, instead of general trivia questions, Out of Tune tests your knowledge of current music, specifically by playing a short snippet of a song out of tune. If you guess the song correctly within the 10-second answer period, you proceed to the next question, and if you get all 10 songs in the quiz correct, you get a share of the app’s prize pot.

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How to play Out of Tune

To start playing, download the app from the App Store. (Based on the Out of Tune website, it looks like that an Android app is in the works, but not yet available at this time.) Once downloaded, you watch a short intro video before giving the app your phone number. The app texts you a code to verify that number, and then you can enter in your name. If you’d like to be alerted whenever a game is about to start, you can give Out of Tune notification access.

From there, the app takes you to its home screen, which will tell you when the next game starts if it’s not game time. Once a game begins, you’ll need to tap one of four song options at the bottom of the screen in order to answer a question. Answer correctly, and you’ll move on to the next question. Answer incorrectly, and you’re out—but you can still watch the rest of the show and participate in the comments.

Out of Tune schedule

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The game starts each weekday at 3:30pm ET and 8pm ET. The whole game lasts about 24 minutes, with 14 minutes of quiz time and a 10-minute DJ set.

How many people play Out of Tune?

A week into its debut, Out of Tune is seeing 1,500 to 2,000 players each game. It’s not a lot, but half of that number end up sticking around for the whole show, even if they miss a question, Variety reports. Most players are on the young side: Half of players are under the age of 24, and another 25 percent are aged 25 to 34. Between the app’s timing and talent, most of its audience is East Coast-based thus far.

How to win Out of Tune

There are two ways players can win the game: Traditionally, with all last-standing players following round 10 splitting that game’s prize equally, or through Survival Mode. A Survival Mode-style game will be announced at the beginning of that game. In this instance, the game will be keep going until there is only one single winner left who will then be the sole recipient of that game’s prize purse.

How do Out of Tune winners get paid?

If you survive all 10 rounds of the game, you’ll be eligible for a share of that day’s prize. To be paid, you’ll need to cash out with a PayPal account. You can only associate one PayPal account per Out of Tune account. In the case of a larger prize, you’ll be contacted directly to handle how a prize should be distributed.

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*First Published: Aug 21, 2018, 1:16 pm CDT