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OJ Simpson/Twitter

O.J. (of all people) says 2020 Dems shouldn’t attack others

Be nice.


David Covucci


Are you not watching the Democratic debates tonight? Well, O.J. Simpson has a message for you.

That’s OK. He’s not watching either. He’s gonna watch football.

But, the Juice said he’s taping the debate, and he wants you to, too.

“Hey Twitter world,” he began. “I will be taping the debates to watch them when the football game is over.”

You need to, too, says Simpson.

“I encourage all of you to try to find some way to watch these debates because we’ve got to know who these people are and what they are talking about.”

“I mean I am confused, I hear them talk about free medical, well, hell my family, and my friends, myself with all my ailments, we would love that, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like they are focusing on us.”

O.J. (O.J.!!) also said the candidates should turn down the rancor and not attack other people.

“Also, I kinda wish these people would tell us why they should vote for them and not focus so much on the people standing next to them.”

O.J. says to not attack others. Got it.


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