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Obama takes over ‘Colbert Report’ and turns ‘The Word’ into ‘The Decree’

Things got presidential as ‘The Word’ became ‘The Decree.’


Greg Seals


On the surface, Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert might seem at odds with one another. One’s the leader of the free world while the other is a highly satirical late night host who lampoons the former’s actions. Yet, these two have more in common than you think. Both are in their 50s, got their careers started in Chicago, and are leaving their respective posts soon

Perhaps those kinships are what made Obama such a great stand-in for Colbert Monday night as the President unsanctimoniously usurped “The Word” segment of the Report. Though he was previously announced as a guest for one of Colbert’s final shows, an early entrance by Obama brought the crowd to its feet and left the host speechless. POTUS all but issued a presidential order when it came to taking the host’s chair and turning “The Word” into “The Decree.”

After the crowd quieted, Obama launched into a ultra-meta take on healthcare that was punctuated by jokes about Grumpy Cat,, and millennials who hate LinkedIn. The whole thing is so brilliant that we don’t want to spoil it by writing too much, so just take a peek.

We hope Obama has already put the Colbert Report writers on retainer for the next White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, because these jokes coupled with his delivery are a smash hit. 

Screengrab via ComedyCentral/YouTube

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