Microsoft just created the first mixed reality Mannequin Challenge

Screengrab of Microsoft Hololens mixed reality mannequin challenge

Screengrab via YouTube


The Mannequin Challenge, this year’s meme du jour, is still going strong. Less than a week after we thought nothing could top this dog’s epic (and incredibly well-trained) mannequin abilities, Microsoft sweeps in to show us one of the most creative attempts at the challenge yet.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Mannequin Challenge is a social media task to video friends, family, or party-goers as if they’re frozen in time. It’s been entertainingly attempted on a plane (by the Dallas Cowboys) and even on a moving boat

Microsoft, however, took a different approach. Using Hololens technology, it blended a real-life scene with virtual objects, all posing mannequin-like. You can see butterflies, dragons, and even a superimposed George Takei in the “Actiongram” video below.

Whether programming a stack of pancakes to float in the air is more or less challenging than teaching a dog to stay perfectly still is arguable. Still, you can’t deny this Mannequin Challenge’s got style. 

H/T the Verge

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