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Michael Avenatti slams claims that 4chan users faked Kavanaugh allegations

'The claim is completely bogus without any basis in fact.'


David Gilmour


Posted on Sep 25, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 5:39 am CDT

Attorney Michael Avenatti denied that he was fooled by 4chan trolls after an anonymous post surfaced on the forum claiming the lawyer was fed fake allegations about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In media appearances over weekend, Avenatti discussed a new client willing to come forward with “credible information” about Kavanaugh, who has already been accused of sexual misconduct by two women. Avenatti also went going into graphic detail online about information he learned from Kavanaugh’s yearbook. 

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Michael Avenatti/Twitter

Then, on Tuesday morning, he abruptly made his Twitter account private.

That’s when a 4chan user came forward claiming to be the cause of Avenatti’s decision to lock down his social media.

In a graphic post, the user alleged that he and his girlfriend had used burner phones to make contact with Avenatti. The user said they posed as former high school classmates of Kavanaugh and told the lawyer that they were willing to provide evidence of alleged sexual misconduct in an elaborate story that echoed some of the things Avenatti said. 

>She tells him that she is a 51 Year alumna >of the private Holton-Arms School. And that >Bret Kavanugh and his buddy Mark Judge >ran a train on her. Tells Him that she knows >all the “Secret” codes… Find Them, Feel >Them,French Them, Fuck Them, and Forget >Them” – “Devil’s Triangle” is a Three way >fuck… with a cock in all of her orifices … He >EATS IT THE FUCK UP !

>She has him call my Burner Cell phone – I’m >a Classmate of Judge Kavaugh to Confirm. 
>In my Creepiest Deep Throat voice…I >Confirm it ALL

According to the 4chan post, the user’s girlfriend backed down from the prank after Avenatti wanted them to come forward. The user on 4chan provided no evidence of his claims. 

“The claim is completely bogus without any basis in fact,” Avenatti said in a brief statement to the Daily Dot. “It is all false and fabricated.”

The statement echoes the one made from Avenatti’s Twitter account Tuesday afternoon.

“There is a rumor being floated that I was ‘duped’ or ‘pranked’ by a 4Chan user re Kavanaugh. This is completely false. It never happened; it is a total fabrication. None of it is true,” he wrote. “The right must be very worried. They should be.”

“I locked my account due to trolls, bots and threat activity that went through the roof in the last 24 hours,” Avenatti continued, deflecting the 4chan troll’s suggestion that his ruse was the sole reason.

Avenatti said he would unlock his Twitter account when he is able too. He did not address questions from the Daily Dot about the Kavanaugh revelations he had alluded were upcoming.

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*First Published: Sep 25, 2018, 6:36 pm CDT