Marjorie Taylor Green over dinosaur bones

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Threads duped by old Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘ocean dragons’ meme

‘I hate that I can’t tell if this is really her or a joke.’


Mikael Thalen


A viral screenshot circulating on Threads has many convinced that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) went on a recent rant about dinosaurs actually being “land dragons” from biblical times.

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The screenshot, posted by a self-described Democrat named Karen Ress, gained nearly 1,000 likes and purports to have originated from Greene’s account on X.

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“Dinosaurs is a relatively young word that, if I recall correctly, started to gain use in the 1800’s,” Greene is alleged to have written. “Before that, they called them by their biblical names…Dragons.”

The post continues with Greene stating that dinosaurs on land only died out a few thousand years ago, but that dinosaurs in the ocean still exist to this day.

“Some of the bones displayed are real, but others are know [sic] forgeries,” the post continued. “The land dragons were killed out a couple of thousand years ago) maybe a few still hidden somewhere?), but ocean dragons still exist.”

Many users on Threads, the Meta-owned platform that resembles X, were quick to mock Greene in response.

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“A couple thousand years is when Jesus walked according to her…so Jesus rolled around with dragons now?” one commenter asked. “And those ocean dragons must be cunning af.”

“Wait..dragons were here a couple thousand years ago?” another asked. “But the Earth is only 5 thousand years old.”

Yet given the proliferation of fake content online, others were quick to question the screenshot’s legitimacy.

“I hate that I can’t tell if this is really her or a joke,” one Threads user said.

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“Fake tweet though,” another remarked.

While technically it is true that the term dinosaurs did not originate until the 1800s, Greene did not make any such remark. A search of Greene’s X profile, as well as archives, shows no such post.

The screenshot was originally produced as satire in 2023 but is now being spread by those attempting to pass it off as real.

Nick Dyer, a spokesperson for Greene, told Reuters in March of last year that the lawmaker never made the remark. According to Reuters, the image first appeared on Reddit and was clearly marked as satire.

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Threads has since placed a “Third-party fact check” on the post that labels the image as “altered.”

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