MTG called out a female drag queen for 'pretending' to be a woman

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Marjorie Taylor Greene lost it over a female drag queen—thinks is ‘pretending to be a woman’

The drag queen she was mad at is not a man.


Tricia Crimmins


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) continued her crusade against drag and drag queens on Tuesday with a tweet about a well-known performer, saying that they are “scary” because they are a man “pretending” to be a woman.

The drag queen corrected Greene with a tweet noting they are female.

Greene’s Tuesday post included a clip of the performer, Brigitte Bandit, being interviewed by CNN about Bandit’s lobbying for the Equality Act, which would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity in public spaces.

The bill was passed in the House of Representatives in 2021, but has yet to pass in the Senate.

In the interview, Bandit said that existing as a queer person and a drag queen is “scary” amid rising anti-LGBTQ hate.

But Greene disagreed.

“No, what’s scary is men pretending to be women reading gender cult lying books to our children, provocatively dancing nearly nude in public spaces, and taking over our bathrooms, sports, and private spaces,” Greene tweeted. “Women and children need protection from them.”

Bandit replied to Greene’s message by clarifying that they were born female and are not a man.

“You are just proving that gender is socially constructed and have no idea what you’re talking about and why you should have no say in our lives,” Bandit tweeted.

Bandit is based in Texas, which had an anti-drag law restricting some public drag shows until it was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge last year. The drag queen is very politically active and has made state and national headlines for testifying in front of the Texas state legislature about the law and the effort to overturn it.

In their interview with CNN, Bandit said that they will be meeting with Democrats and Republicans about the Equality Act. They also said that even though they are concerned about the prospect of former President Donald Trump being elected, times are already scary for LGBTQ people.

“It’s very scary for queer people to exist in a time where we see this kind of rhetoric being pushed by our lawmakers and the people who should care about other issues that actually affect the American people,” Bandit told CNN, “other than attacking our our community.”

For her part, Greene has said that drag shows should be illegal and has tried to make drag shows on military bases illegal as well.

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